Tulle (Corrèze) hospital acquires new artificial mammograph operated with artificial intelligence

“We are on the edge of our knowledge. »Jean-Luc Soleilhavoup, biomedical engineer in the radiology department at Tulle Hospital is not hiding his enthusiasm. Radiologist Alexis Chebib, head of the department, is. “Thanks to the artificial intelligence of this new mammograph, diagnosis and follow-up will be greatly improved. A

A more accurate diagnosis

As part of Segur’s health plan, Tulle Hospital Center has just acquired a latest generation mammograph that allows for better care than ever before. The artificial intelligence of the new machine makes it possible to compare patient imaging with thousands of other cases already recorded. “Even if the test is always verified by two different radiologists, it greatly simplifies our work. Previously, an inconsistency could have been missed. Today, the diagnosis is much more precise,” the doctor explained, fully satisfied with this technological advancement. This new tool actually shortens the radiologist’s interpretation time.

Premium Tulle (Corrèze) Hospital Acquires New MRI Equipment Operating for Artificial Intelligence

In fact, this new mammograph uses tomosynthesis. Specifically, this breast imaging technique makes it possible to obtain cross-sectional images of the breast, providing a 3D visualization of the mammalian gland by analyzing it from different angles. “But above all, it allows us to go into a 2D synthetic image as soon as it is automatically reconstructed from tomosynthesis,” the biomedical engineer points out. Thus, this method, which makes it possible to distribute with double acquisition, reduces the duration of radiation exposure and compression.

The time for interpretation through this new mammograph is now reduced.

Dr. Chebib, who is committed to promoting breast cancer screening, encourages “all this in the best interests of patients.” With this new mammograph, first patients confirm this: comfort is better than before. “Of course it’s a little more comfortable, a little less risky,” one of them explained after his test. Thanks to a platform that can tilt from -15 to + 90, this new mammograph can adapt to all postures and different postures of patients, especially those with reduced mobility.

The importance of screening

“Today, it is important to be aware of the importance of screening women. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women. However, if detected early, it can be cured in about 90% of cases, ”said the radiologist.
Today, 60,000 new cases are detected in France each year, and two million worldwide. For all women between the ages of 50 and 74 who do not have symptoms, testing is recommended every two years. From the age of 25, a clinical examination (observation and palpation) is recommended by a health professional every year. “And self-examination can happen every week,” Dr. Chebib added.


On Thursday, June 30, a conference-debate on breast cancer screening, diagnosis and follow-up will be held at the Coverage Divisional Council (Amphitheater D at 6 p.m.). These meetings are open to the public and to health professionals.

Vincent Faure
Photo: Agnes Gaudin

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