Women, the role of “Dada”, drama, fate, what could stop the head blow …

June 23 Zidane turns 50! What you don’t know about his wife, meeting his children, his new role as “Grandpa”, his fate, the headbutt, the drama of his life … and the living legend of football.

June 23 Zidane turns 50! At the 1998 World Cup (among others) the football prodigy turned the whole of France into a dream. But what do you know about the man behind the footballer ?? His humble childhood, the drama of his life, his meeting with his wife, his children, his jersey were sold for gold… And other crazy information about the legendary Zizou.

Zidane: Childhood and nickname

Zidane was born in Marseille in 1972 to French parents in Algeria. She Castellane grew up in the city With his three brothers and sisters, Majid, Farid, Nuruddin and Leela. On Place Tartan, Near Family Home, Future Football Prodigy, Nickname “Yazid“His passion for football was discovered by his relatives. He was interested in judo until he was 11 years old.

This was in 1987, when Zidane was 15 years old, during an internship at the Regional Center for Popular Education and Sport (CREPS) in Aix-en-Provence. Seen by Jean VarawoodAS Scout for ears.

Zidane almost never became a footballer

He was quickly offered to join the club… but his parents hesitated. A few years ago, they refused Nuruddin, Will be recruited from his older brother, AS Saint-Etienne. But this time it is different. Everyone agrees that Zidane was born to do this. Her parents will eventually accept the rate on condition that she will Hosted by a host family.

Zidane: How he met his wife

At age 17, Zinedine Zidane met his future wife, Veronica Lentisco-Fernandez, An 18-year-old woman from Aveyron, home to young workers in the ear. Dancer-student at Rosella Hightower School, she has the extraordinary round ball there. Quickly, their friendship turns into love and they The two settled in a studio.

Zidane: Who are his children?

In May 1994, the Lovebird gets married Bordeaux chateau du halane. Together they have four children, Enzo, 27, Luke, 24, Theo, 20, and Elias, 16. The four boys proudly follow in their father’s footsteps, as everyone has started a football career. Even the youngest, Elias, won the European Under-17 Football Championship in June 2022 with the French team.

Zidane: “I’m Grandpa”

Most recently, in May 2022, Zinedine Zidane Became a grandfather for the first time. His eldest son and his wife, Karen Gonsalves, gave birth to the youngest. “I am grandfather, grandfather. He doesn’t have to call me grandfather! I will not answer himZidane joked Telefoot.

Zidane: This friend could have stopped the headbutt

On July 9, 2006, France was in turmoil. When Against Italy in the World Cup finalZidane, who is playing the last match of his career, is at Headbutt Materazzi, a player from another camp, in the 110th minute. Because? The Italian is said to have disrespected Zidane’s sister. Football prodigy takes a Red card When he could lead France to a World Cup victory.

Fifteen years after the incident, Zidane revealed the presence of his friend Bixante LizarajuWho just retired as a footballer, maybe Help keep him cool. “Bixente was the only one who could hold me. That night was important“, He admitted Telefoot.

Claire Kim’s partner added: “I think there is A lot of things that went through his head, And being verbally abused by his opponents. We would be able to feel his nervousness and we would be able to deactivate it

Zidane: His idol

Perhaps you have already seen Bronze sculpture Made many tons, immortal Zidane’s famous headbutt, By artist Adel Abdesemed. It was first shown at the Pompidou Center in Paris in 2012, then it has traveled around the world and will soon be Rehabilitated in Qatar On the occasion of the 2022 World Cup.

Zidane: The drama of his life

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2019, the footballer was hit by a Horrible drama: His brother Farid Died of cancer Only 54 years old. One year after the tragedy, Zidane made a heartfelt statement to his late brother on Instagram: “My elder brother Farid, we are proud of you, you are for our whole family. Despite the distance from each other, you are with us every day, with me! As i love you

Zidane: His fate is predicted …

Over the years, thanks to his career as a player and then as a coach, Zidane amassed less fortunes than he did. 200 million eurosIf we believe Sportun.

Zidane: His jersey is sold at a gold price

Even today, Zidane is a legendary dream. In Los Angeles, A Zidane jersey from the 1998 World Cup final Sold at auction in the summer of 2021, for the sum … 100,000 (That’s about 85,000 euros)!

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