A few days before the wedding, a bride finds a package and a note written by strangers on her kitchen table

One day, while a woman was returning home from work, she noticed a mysterious package on the kitchen table. Soon, he joined his fiance, and when the couple opened the box, they were amazed at what was inside.

When was the last time you received an unexpected gift from someone? Wonder comes in all shapes and sizes; However, some surprises can touch deeply and be truly unforgettable.

Often it is not the financial value of the gift, but its sensitive value that makes it unique. The art of sending and receiving gifts will never lose its appeal, especially if the gift is wrapped and sent with love and sincere wishes.

A charming couple

Interestingly, the bride and groom had a wonderful experience that warmed their hearts and left a lasting impression on their minds. They got something that multiplied their joy a few days before their big day celebration.

Like most people in love, Chuck Nice and Mary Hall have been looking forward to holding hands all their lives. They were absolutely thrilled with their wedding, which will be held on January 20, 2018.

Preparations for the wedding are in full swing, with Hall and his fianc working on the final touches of their wedding. They hoped for a perfect day, surrounded by family and friends, and everything went according to plan.

But when Hall returned home a few days before her wedding, she said she had stumbled upon something she and her fianc would cherish forever. Read on to learn more about this exciting discovery and the couple’s feelings.

Mysterious box

The bride is shocked to find a package lying on the kitchen table. Her fianc seemed confused and was waiting for her to come home so they could open the box together and see what was inside.

Hall and Nice, who also have a baby girl named Lily, have revealed that when they get married, they will send vintage glasses to another couple with the same name, no matter where they are in the world.

The Evansville, Indiana couple was completely confused and shocked because the box read, “Open before the wedding day.” Hall shared:

“I came home from work and the package was on the table. Chuck was in the living room, and I asked him what’s in the box.”

A touch letter

Inside the package was a handwritten letter from complete strangers congratulating the couple on their marriage. Regarding the letter, Hall said:

“He started reading this letter, and as soon as he started reading, my whole body went cold and buzzing. He kept reading … and I was just shocked.”

The letter was written by Felker’s children, who lived hundreds of miles away in Illinois. The package was sent by the Felker family after a simple Google search found the marriage registry of Nice and Hall online.

Sent with love and best wishes

Interestingly, Nice and Hall’s first names were like Felkars’ dead parents, originally from La Cross, Wisconsin. They wanted to share a testimony of love and an emotional memory with the married couple. The letter begins as follows:

“You don’t know us, but we found your names through a Google search. Through a little detective work on the wedding gift registry, we found the address to send this gift.”

Six decades of ordinary life

The letter also describes the happy and joyful marriage of 62 years to the parents of Felkar’s children. It reads as follows:

“Chuck and Mary Felker were pillars of their community and very, very loving people. They loved to dance together and even taught ballroom dance lessons for many years.”

But that was not all. Inside the package was engraved a pair of vintage champagne glasses: “Let me dance with you forever, Mary and Chuck.” It was Felker’s unique way of wishing the sweet couple good luck and happiness in their reunion.

Endless wonder

Presumably, Nice and Hall were incredibly touched by the kindness and love gestures of the Felker family. The letter continues:

“The champagne glasses were the original Chuck and Mary. They were the loving parents of our seven children.”

The Evansville couple were still thrilled with the gift of touching when they discovered another surprise: the champagne glasses were packed in a Converse shoe box. “I thought to myself, this is not possible,” Hall said.

A nice coincidence

It turns out that Hall and the bridesmaids planned to wear comfortable Converse Chuck Taylor shoes under their clothes. Hall told 14 News:

“It was a bunch of coincidences together. It’s really great.”

In addition, the couple also sent a special invitation to Felkars to attend their wedding. Hall mentioned that he wanted the family to know that he and Nice had received the glasses and that they would be part of their special day.

The tradition continues

Hall and Nice, who also have a baby girl named Lily, have revealed that when they get married, they will send vintage glasses to another couple with the same name, no matter where they are in the world.

Undoubtedly, the love gesture of the Felker family has made a huge difference in the lives of Nice and Hall. Receiving love and warm greetings from our family and friends may not be uncommon, but when these feelings come from strangers it becomes even more special.

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