AI in automobiles: between excitement and anxiety

“It simply came to our notice thenAI Due to the health crisis in the automotive sector CovidThe Autonomous vehicles A global and major innovation that will disrupt various sectors from delivery to transportation and after sales. A By this observation Frank is the director of fantasy, economics and statistics FiveThe Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries launched the Seventh Auto Club on Friday, June 17th. In a context where progress Technical They are as numerous as induced regulatory uncertainty, its deploymentArtificial intelligence So there is no doubt about the vehicle but still raises questions. In response to these questions, the speakers were invited Five I have tried to answer with their experience. And if related to some subjectAI By consensus, others are much more divided …

Connection is the future

While in office Autonomous vehiclesFrance and Europe are currently in the 3rd to 5th development stage – offering a level 4 levelAutonomy Not available outside of confined areas and a requirement Infrastructure Its use is expensive to secureAI -, Most experts agree that Connection Vehicle growth is now the norm, especially in the segment Company vehicles.

“In 10 years, we should all have Technology Autonomous embed our vehicles , Even Frank Fontanesi predicted. Needless to say, these are InnovationBring an excess, especially in terms of navigation Service Which we can no longer do without traffic information. In addition, Update of Software Will become important for telematics and its response Information A, Noted Dr. Thierry Lesteble of the Institute of Technology Innovation (TII). Of Tools Which Fleet managers in particular use to streamline their administration Fleet.

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Nevertheless, for this generalizationAI Done smoothly in automobiles, The 5g Real-time critical functionality and the highest level of automation are going to be required , Antoine Leap, head of research said Valio. Especially from something Technology Even appears in its products Mobility Smooth as a scooter Electric. The vehicle is becoming more and more intelligent and this is where the challenge lies, because of its success Vehicles Have hardware, software and driver experience tomorrow A, Added Sébastien Ruffino from Nvidia. Whoever judges, however, will find a balance between the two Innovation And implementation, But the 2024 Olympics could help. A

Fixed progress channeling on emergency

Vehicles therefore belong to the worldIoT, Cars can no longer bubble out of life Digital Ensure user but digital continuity , The division’s vice-president defines Vanessa Picron Innovation As a result of faurecia, it is fundamental to the industrialists in the field Automotive To deal with the issue of Maal Des Maal Transportation In vehicles AutonomousIdentify the physical abilities of passengers or perform visual display and image processing tasks according to age. That could allow all progress to come Thoughts Cabin comfort news , Thierry Meteis, Summary of the President of ZF Mobility France. However, with material shortages Electric What’s going on now There are ways to reduce this dependency and there is a reflection of fair requirements on its cost. Technology , Eric La Fei, its manager mentioned Continental Autonomous France.

Correct: The person does not currently have an ability Autonomous vehicles First purchase. However, if innovation spreads, prices fall, the used car market will therefore allow adoptionAI For individuals A, Its part highlights Frank Fontanesi. Dr. Luke Julia, head of the scientific office Renault GroupMeanwhile, the direction has been warned Environmental And morality than an excessAI Can arise in our daily lives. The Artificial intelligence Because there are several – Tools, assistants. Alone, they are stupid and confined within them Power. People make AI, so we control it Technology And we are responsible for that , He withdrew.

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Just as we are responsible for footprints Carbon Information center required for its operation. Nothing is without effect. A V. Which already leaves the factory equivalent of 6 The cost of a car is 000 km Thermal, For example. So let’s try to reduce this effect by working locally or working with food Power The green of this data center A, Expert advice. Because in advance Society The only thing that is necessary for humanity should not come at a price: the planet.

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