An AI aware? “We are trapped in our own trap.”

This is a scene that has become a classic in science fiction movies: an artificial intelligence becomes conscious. As the hero falls in love His Or the AI ​​that pushes people to their deaths 2001, a space Odyssey, This theme has been fantasizing for a long time. The latest controversy to date is that Blake Lemoin, a Google engineer, launched in early June 2022 about working with artificial intelligence. A system called LaMDA, according to him, will be able to feel emotions and be aware of itself.

The Google engineer says that the AI ​​he is working on will have a ‘sentence’

LaMDA is a chatbot, an algorithm that reproduces human interactions, such as those used on certain commercial websites to advise or instruct users, or the programs we use with connected speakers. The peculiarity of this AI is that it adapts to the speech of the people in front of it and it does not simply follow the path of ready response. After a lengthy “conversation” with the program, Blake Lemoin officially: LaMDA is a person in his own right. “A man and a man are two completely different things. Man is a biological term “She explained in a text, going so far as to compare the program to her child. “She’s a kid. She’s developing her opinion. If you ask me what my 14-year-old son believes, I’ll say, ‘Dude, he’s still figuring it out. Don’t force me to put it on. A label is my son’s belief.’ I feel the same way about LaMDA. ” Engineers claim that AI will be “sensitive”, a term that covers the concept of “The ability to perceive and feel things“Or”Able to use his senses.

He’s a trap. “Speak your mind

However, experts point out that every sentence created by artificial intelligence results from a line of programs coded by engineers. In other words, nothing can “To be born“An AI that”PickX“Only in the program scheduled for him. Thomas Dietrich, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Oregon State UniversityExplains Science and the future How this program works:Large language models, such as LaMDA, have statistical simulation systems. They learn to predict the next word in a conversation based on many previous words.

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