Apotheosis for WestWorld (OCS), Season 4

Jobs By Mark Larcher June 20, 2022

For its new season, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s series immerses viewers in a whole new world: a hero full of dazzling scenes, intricate narratives, doubts and violence … WestWorld (OCS) ‘s radical formula still fascinates.

The most ambitious of the series

It is the return of the heavyweight to the world of the series, the most ambitious and apparently sophisticated creation in the Hollywood universe that is not stingy with the complexities and extraordinary expenses of recent times. For its fourth season, Westworld Cheeks All And goes further in showing strength than in previous seasons.

Will there be lasting peace between the rebellious hosts and their former masters?

Before we get into the details, we first need to get back to where we were with a specially twisted plot. When the first episode begins, seven years have passed since the 2058 Los Angeles riots, and each character, especially the mysterious Dolores (Rachel Evan Wood), is trying to get his life back on track. But in the shadows, Man in Black, the terrifying William (Ed Harris) and the ambitious Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) come up with a plan that could once again upset the world order. When the time came to separate them, the heroes of the first season of Westworld Park and especially Bernard Lowe (Empire Jeffrey Wright) could face each other again. It will take a while for the audience to adjust to the narrative before returning to the track, but apparently, from the first minute when Ed Harris arrives in the middle of a dry desert in an aquatic dam under the Mexican Cartel, the quality is fine. Which he wants to achieve. Then, the shots flying over a metropolis of the future where Dolores is haunted by her memory and her ability to create new situations and works are also breathtaking. And in the meantime, we feel that the ubiquitous violence of the previous season is still lurking in the shadows, just waiting for a new spark to explode.

Thus, the creation of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (also its director Memories) Still just as impressive and embodies a section of the hyper-series itself: huge money, formal beauty, a complex narrative that can be read as a lecture in the series … in short , We think especially Aaron Paul (ran away from) Breaking bad) Who seems to be one of the few who has not lost his head in a world where all standards have exploded, and Thandeway Newton, a rebel who is still as excellent as ever. Notice, this season a new guest of size has arrived, she is Ariana Debos, the actress who has just won an Oscar for Best Actress for her supporting role in the remake. West Side Story. Another surprise is that many fans of the first season will probably find the basic principles of amusement parks for robots and even see the places they have already visited …

A new frontier between man and machine

Like the original movie WorldWest (1973) Michael Crichton continues to explore the themes of the 2022 series Machine Awareness in his daily life, Attack on Automator Attacks and Theme Parks. And it poses an interesting question to viewers: a machine, or a “host” as they are called. Westworld, Is he still one when he knows his own identity and wants to get out of it? And the man who enjoys murder and rape machines, or who makes up stories to satisfy these fantasies, is he still a man? Or again, could it be right that an instrument exits the role? As we write these lines, a Google engineer has just revealed that he has communicated with artificial intelligence at the heart of the group’s algorithm, and that it is now self-aware… OK Google.

WestworldSeason 4, US + 24 in OCS from June 27, available with CANAL + ৷

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