Capgemini and Orange have announced that Blue will begin working with its future clients by the end of 2022.

Capgemini and Orange today shared the next steps for Bleu¹, their “Cloud of Trust.” The project is designed to meet the needs of specific French companies. Future companies should start assisting customers in preparing for their migration by the end of 2022 (subject to regulatory approval). Bleu’s first services, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, will be launched in 2024.

Progress as planned; Proposal to appoint future CEO

Since the announcement of Blue’s creation in May 2021, Capgemini and Orange have worked closely with Microsoft to launch the technology solution verification and development phase, with the aim of confirming the target model. In parallel, Capgemini and Orange Bleu are working with ANSSI to ensure that cloud services are designed to comply with SecNumCloud³ requirements. Once the necessary regulatory approvals have been obtained, the new company should see the light of day towards the end of 2022. Jean Kumaros, currently the director of transformation and a member of the executive committee of Capgemini Group, has been selected by the two shareholders as the potential CEO of the future Blue joint venture.

By the end of 2022, Bleu will support its first customers

Once established, the Bleu Company will offer its services and invite its customers to relocate to the “Cloud of Trust”, relying exclusively on the “Blue Preparation Program”. The purpose of this program, which will be implemented with the help of an ecosystem of Capgemini, Orange and future partners, is to ensure that customers are ready to transfer during the service of the platform. This will allow companies to train, start the main stages of their preparation, and conduct tests and pilots.

Bleu’s cloud platform will be available in 2024

In 2024, Bleu will be able to offer Microsoft Azure services and major Microsoft 365 services The Bleu platform will be launched on a set of geographically distributed data centers in France and will meet very high requirements in terms of resilience and availability. Regular updating processes will allow Blue customers to benefit from innovations brought by Microsoft to Azure and Microsoft 365.

Since Blue’s initial announcement in May last year, Capgemini and Orange have been working hand in hand on the technical and regulatory aspects needed to make this “Cloud of Trust” a success.Comment by Ayman Izzat, CEO of Capgemini Group. Bleu brings a unique combination of security and service delivery benefits, especially with a wide range of technological innovations. We are now waiting for the next steps of the project to be implemented so that interested companies can effectively prepare for their migration. A

“As an independent French company, 100% owned by French shareholders, Bleu will offer an unparalleled value proposition to the French state and critical infrastructure operators. Be prepared and make sure they can initiate their transformation with the best possible support. This is the dual purpose that has been established with Blue’s migration preparation program. Reliance on the core of Orange’s values. Orange CEO Crystal Heidemann commented.

Through this unique partnership, Bleu will offer Microsoft 365 and a wide range of Microsoft Azure services, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, in a “cloud of trust” environment.

Editor’s note:

  • A biography of Jean Cumaros and high-resolution pictures available upon request.
  • On May 27, 2021, Capgemini and Orange announced their intention to create “Bleu”, a new company that will offer trusted cloud services to meet specific needs recognized as operators of state, local authorities, hospitals, government and non-government organizations. Vital Importance (OIV) or Operator of Essential Services (OSE). Once created, and subject to the necessary regulatory approvals, Bleu will offer Microsoft Cloud technology and services available on the Microsoft Azure platform, including collaboration and productivity solutions from Microsoft 365.

[1] Schedule subject to regulatory approval.

[2] The label “Cloud of Trust” is in line with the French doctrine on the cloud, which requires SecNumCloud qualification from the National Information System Security Agency (ANSSI), as well as compliance with legal provisions.

[3] SecNumCloud is a repository of the National Information System Security Agency (ANSSI) that demonstrates a high level of security and confidence by allowing the availability of cloud services.

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