Cotes-d’Armor: A miserable life for six children of a family in Le Mené

A couple with eight young children had to be tried in a St-Brook court. Stephen Ley is oppressive

The court Of St. Brook The Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Each corrective hearing draws its share of the trial, where we rub shoulders MiseryThe TroubleThem AddictionThe Distortion And many other things … all levels of life are represented. Each Descriptive This is one Immersion A. The world Different. But some Stories Is Harder Hard to hear and write.

This is the file Sad Testimony. The Action This is it Couple Feelings Limits From Tolerable And Victor Hugo Maybe he thought that the trial was going on tenardiers. Unfortunately, the incident happened in the commune LEDNearby LaudekAnd there is good Real.

Six children have been placed in critical condition

The Dad Family, that His own child Call ” BossYou have to answer for this Information An extreme Gravity.

Of Violence aggravated inflicated on Six children aged 3 to 9 years ; Of Deprivation Care, diet, hygiene. Bring all this Judge Children A. To give instructions Them Placing Inside Extreme urgency So that Save Them Integrity Physical And Moral.

The Mom Of the family, which is also Continued For Same thing, Do not deign to attend the hearing. Her husband explained thatHe had to take care of the last two ; Of ChildrenOld man 3 monthsA

The President Is Rebellion By this excuse.

“When, like you, your six children are placed in a state of extreme emergency after the violence by social services, and also in a state of legal reconsideration, you try to take some precautions to prevent your partner from becoming pregnant again! You are eight o’clock today. Do you think that one day you will give up? ”

The pill has made Madam fat …

In reply, d To warn To explain That Pills“It simply came to our notice then To grow “Madame

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It is Reporting By the Public Prosecutor’s Office Academician The school that eventually kept up The end of Calvary Of 6 Small The victim. Taken by the education workers AwarenessFrom For a long time, Emergency. But by Fear Of RevengeNo one dared to speak. The accused was Md Familiar To be a Violent.

The Report Forensic Modifying: Trauma Multiple leading obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); Hematomas As a result of physical abuse. But also, the symptoms MalnutritionDue Deprivation Of Food. All children are covered Lice, Unholy Urine Inside Clothing Covered Dirty And all was Hungry.

This will bring unbearable situation Expert To utter ITT from 21 to 30 days.

“In the morning, we didn’t have breakfast. No one woke us up to go to school, so we were late. The boss took care of feeding his animals and our mother stayed in bed to feed the twins. So, we waited for the canteen for lunch and then in the evening, our Often punished and deprived of food. Sometimes we even had to sleep in the garage … “

A little girl

Reconstruction of six children

The trial will not take place on June 21 ParentsRather two To warn, Weak, selfish and incompetent, unable to bring a little love into this home full of life. Unable to express the slightest feeling.

Today, Six children try to rebuildBy learning what laughter is, one discovers that one has no rights Stay Hunger A. 6 years And beatings are forbidden.

The prosecutor will not fail to note the character Irresponsible Defendants require a 12-month probation for the woman, the obligation to care, as well as the obligation to run a parental awareness course.

Suspended imprisonment

Relating to the “boss”, the 2-year-old firm is required to serve a 4-year prison term with a warrant, with which the suspended sentence of 4 months has been revoked.

The court will not allow the prosecutor to be sentenced 36 months with 24 months suspensionWithdrawal of 4 months prior rehabilitation, Suspension Of ‘Parental authority For 3 years and said that Sorry Maybe Changeable.

The couple also has to pay some money 25,000 Under different Loss Induced on children and a must follow Parental responsibility course.

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