Domestic Violence: Anas, 12, testified at the bar against his father

On June 10, 2022, a man appeared before their 12-year-old daughter in front of 12 people accused of hitting his wife.e Correctional Chamber of the Court of Val-de-Marne. The child insisted on taking part in the debate.

Court of Justice of Cratil (Photo: © P. Anquetin)

Anais *, 12, takes position without much hesitation. She has seen her parents testify a few minutes before her, each giving a version of their two disputes after an extramarital affair and an endless divorce that took them to court. The child’s legal representative and his lawyer wanted to discourage him from attending the hearing, to save him from fighting in court. Prosecutors further believe that “this is not a child’s place.” And the defendant’s lawyer will remember his injury: “The presence of this little girl forces us to be very restrained. A

But Anais insisted on listening to everything, drank the cup in her dress and believed she had a saying: “She always lied to us. I don’t want to see him anymore. A

“We were waiting for it.”

The father who is the accused, he admits the injury, gives him the form of pain, drowns a little too much. The mother, by contrast, is straightforward. And the court is sorry: this is the final word they wanted to avoid. However, since the teenager is there, she needs to be questioned.

“What can you say about violence?

“He hit me.

– When?


– All the time?

– Yes. And he always lied. He said he was going to break up with the woman. We were expecting it.

“It’s big business. It shouldn’t be discussed with you. Do you feel betrayed?”

– Yes “.

In this fight between the unfaithful father and the deceived mother, the young woman sided with her mother. Crisis in 2020: The couple is already fighting when Matthew meets another woman. Household scenes are increasing in frequency and intensity. She leaves home, comes back, leaves again … She wants a divorce, Mathild refuses.

“You’re crazy”

In December, more violent disputes erupted in the apartment. “He grabbed my head and kicked me in the face,” Mathilda told police without filing a complaint. In March, a new scene: Matthew is in the car with his new partner who is driving. They pass another car: his wife and daughter. Mathilde sees Red, he chases his husband and wife, overtakes their car and blocks them. In the middle of the street, it’s a scandal. To appease Mathilde, Matthew agrees to get in his car and return to the marital apartment. According to him, when he reached the cretaceous, he lost his temper, hit his head, hit his face again, pulled his hair. “You’re going to pay me, you’re crazy.” This time he filed a complaint in Mathilde. According to police, the girl says her father had already “pushed her to the ground, hit her in the legs and arms.”

“I’m sorry”

In court, the father admitted the incident and released his version. “In December, I never wanted to punch him. She was screaming, I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to push her away. I’m sorry I did it in front of my daughter, I won’t do it anymore. I have never threatened my daughter in my life. A

And the President asked in March? “He blocked our way,” Matthew continued. He was furious. I took my daughter to calm her down. I got in the car with them. In a red light he was screaming, he almost got into a car, an accident happened. I slapped the back of his head. I’m sorry about that. He says that after leaving home, Mathilde told Anis to call him every day: “Dad, come home.”

The child made an appearance at his school nurse who reported “anxiety attacks, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating. Doctor set up a 10-day ITT for Anaïs.

The tunnel of pain

At the bar the mother cries at the first word and spreads her pain. “When he speaks, he lies, I have known him for 18 years. He ran with me a thousand times. I was manipulated. It was hell until we discovered the relationship.

“Why are you getting behind this car? You go to communicate.

– I agree.

“Your daughter is vulnerable. He speaks like an adult.

“She’s always been like that. She’s very mature.”

Defendant’s lawyer attacked: “You said your daughter wanted to stop the car. That’s not what he says. She just cries more for the answer.

We examine the personality of this husband in turmoil. He works as a municipal officer, pays apartment rent, admits to smoking a joint a day. “It simply came to our notice then. Mao works, on the night train. “Can you make a joint decision for your daughter? Matthew asks the president. “Yes, but I think you need a third person.”

“We need to help him.”

Anaïs lawyers stand for a measured argument. “Anais was a victim of violence. Not necessarily a slap, but a push, and especially psychological violence because he was at the center of the conflict, a place he didn’t have to occupy. Today, he wanted to hear from his father that there had been violence. No compensation claims are presented.

The mother’s lawyer tries to underline the pain behind the anger: “She says in front of you: I have three children, I am alone and I need help. He should not be heard as an accused. We need to help him. At the time of passing, the lawyer regretted that it was not done for any psychiatrist or father or mother.

Ten-month suspended sentence is required

The prosecutor proceeded with the egg shell. “I will not be able to make a decision in this context. You never know the truth, “he admits.” The defendant confessed and apologized in public. It’s very rare. “

Cunningly, Matthew’s lawyer first pleaded for the girl: “This hearing, Mademoiselle will remember it for a lifetime. Two adults would be good to take their place. He targeted his mother to save his father. “Sir, he is not a character, he is a manipulator. Finally, Matthew turns to his daughter: “I’m sorry.”

He has been released on bail but has had to pay up to স্ত্রী 1,000 to Mathilde for his wife’s 10-month suspended sentence, mental health obligations, and attendance at home. The sentence will not be recorded in the criminal record.

* All names have been changed.

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