How can there be more privacy in an open space?

Directly from the United States, the organization of open space offices is attracting more and more companies. Focus is now optimized in the workplace. The concept promotes fluidity of exchange among employees. Still, for making a call, for a meeting, it is advisable to create small spaces equipped with effective acoustic solutions for more intimacy … Here’s how to create a private space in an open space.

Install acoustic booths

Of course, open space promotes well-being in the workplace. Yet sometimes you need to have a soundproof corner to call or work in peace. Like the ones offered by Meavo, there are acoustic cabins Fully furnished That offers more privacy. These are highly practical layout solutions that do not take up much space.

The latter are remarkably furnished with an inner lining made of 100% recyclable acoustic felt. The ambient noise is thus reduced by 31 decibels, which is equivalent to the silence of a library. For the best staff efficiency, acoustic cabins include, among other things, a QI Wireless Charging StationAn electrical outlet or even a USB-C and USB-A port.

After all, acoustic cabins make this possibleReduce ambient noise : Conversations around you, telephone ringtones … Despite the benefits of open space, isolating yourself in a noisy cabin is always rewarding, while finding a little clarity.

Opt for modular furniture

It is also possible to keep more privacy in open space for modular furniture. This solution is practical for teamwork and for dealing with change. The choice is therefore very wide Desk with normal size, mobile pedestalAlso count on compact submerged desks to get depth, etc.

In the case of an open space, the layout of the offices is carried out in a linear manner, on a daisy or a rosette. The layout allows employees to communicate verbally or even visually. Meeting room provisions promote the privacy of telephone exchanges and informal meetings.

Think Flex Office

The flex office layout matches the needs of the staff. The idea is half way between traditional office and open space. Firmly Employees choose an angle to work according to their work method Or their mood. They have a choice between attached meeting room, classic office, phone box, work lounge. Thanks to Flex Office, the staff works in the best possible conditions. They will appreciate this freedom of movement to exchange opinions, suggestions, experiences …

Migration is therefore obvious to those who want it. Flex offices and open spaces complement each other for the promotion of democracy and the democratization of telework. This form of layout allows a balance between square meters and human presence. In addition, Flex Office meets health limitations and social distance requirements. Since workspaces are not allocated, they can be carefully disinfected.

Improve the work environment of your employees

In order for employees to enjoy a little privacy in an open space, rethink the overall work environment. That means A zen decor, some greenery, wooden furniture or even soft lighting, But effective. Provide good soundproofing, excellent thermal insulation. Employers can very well establish a regulation aimed at harmonizing life in society. He can thus set the clock during which it is not allowed to sound.

What is the value of an open space?

The layout of an open space should be considered in advance. So it is up to you to choose the appropriate occasional furniture and desk. Regardless of the style of layout, the workplace must be a pleasant and well-ventilated place. Afnor NF X35-102 must comply with the standard, which means 11 to 15 m² work area per person In a joint place. In practice, it is recommended not to have more than 5 people in a joint office. The open space is, above all, intended to be functional and flexible as needed.

The open space contributes to the coordination of staff. As such, the distribution of employees is done wisely. Employees are strongly advised not to install with their backs to the window to avoid possible reflections on the screen. Above all, avoid placing employees near the door. Arrival and departure are not conducive to concentration. Another layout strategy consists of identifying different zones. To do this, choose Standard Signage. This allows you to find the right contacts.

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