“Incredible but true”: Do we have to see the new Dupuix?

This week, Kalindi reviewed the movie Dupuix Out of Sleep: “Incredible but true”. And don’t look, the only opinion that’s important is always his (and it’s a rhyme).

At age 10, I developed a strange obsession with bin Laden. Finally, to be precise, I was convinced that bin Laden lived in my basement. And you see, we can qualify as the cause of this obsession… very little.

In fact, it is true that one day my mother told me: “Don’t go to the cellar, it’s dangerous”. And since it was the day after September 11th, it occurred to me that if I didn’t have to go to Cellar, because there was bin Laden. So

Like what, ideas association, when you are 10 years old and you look Derrick Every day, it goes pretty fast. So over the course of a few months, my girlfriend Loulou, we created a file on bin Laden, saved the press clippings in Deadle Binder, and planned to lock up the most wanted man in the world ourselves. One day, we were waiting for my mother to go shopping at the cellar after stealing her keys. Plot twist: Bin Laden was not. No wonder?

Ultimately less surprising, however, than what Aline and Mary discovered in their own cellar Incredible but trueThe new film from our national iconoclast, I named Quentin Dupieux.

Incredible but true, This is the 10th feature film of the French Absurdist, who once again nurtured an eclectic but still acclaimed acclaimed filmography, based on the films. Nonfilm, Steak, Rubber, Wrong, Wrong Police, Reality, Outpost, Le Dime And Mandible. Name of his eleventh picture Smoking makes you coughCannes premiered in 2022 and will be released soon

Two bad stories in one movie

Incredible but true, Her 10th feature film, tells the story of an au gratin couple who want to buy a house for the first time. She is inexperienced and loyal to her wife, she is dictatorial and cannot tolerate her husband being late. Which he does all the time, of course.

Their real estate agent, a funny little guy straight from a boring cartoon, gives them the gift of a house that Mary thinks is too big for them 2 but a nice shape in contrast to Aline.

If the house is rather attractive, What makes it irresistible is complete underground. Inside, a mysterious hatch leads to a drain that real estate agents guarantee they can change their lives if they use it properly.

Alain Chabat, Benoit Magimel and Anaïs Demoustier in Incredible but true
Art France Cinema vs. Production 2022

And indeed, the couple’s life changes as soon as they take the drain, especially for Alain, who is completely neglected by his wife for this hole, where he spends most of his days.

At the same time, Alain’s boss, a disgusting Mississippi with a mustache and mustache, invites himself over for dinner at their home with his girlfriend one evening and announces that he must reveal a surprise to them. He actually came back from his trip to Japan with something unusual that changed his life completely. The revelation that really shocked Aline and Mary.

Incredible but true So these two bizarre stories are beaten in a bowl to make a mayonnaise that rises, rises…, but never sets completely.

Amazing but flat

Often, Quentin Dupuix, a true filmmaker who works in various capacities and writes, directs, edits and composes his own films (I remind you that Dupuix is ​​a musician and Mr. Oijo) A film that has the difficulty of choosing to be more effective than an extremist

Dupuix is ​​very good at finding the right idea, the right idea, which will arouse the curiosity of the viewers and prove it again this year, but here they are satisfied to take you to the very edge of an unknown universe without their help. Really get it.

His ideas are always clever, irrational or frightening – like murder and telepathic tires, a man and a giant fly trained to steal burning passion and bananas between a fringed jacket – only, That’s not enough The Good ideaYou just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

In this case, if the films Rubber, Reality And DeerWhich, of course, made the video an overnight sensation for Dupuix’s best films, as they pushed their ideas to its limits, including his last films. Mandible And Incredible but trueTheir subjects are distilled on the surface.

Léa Drucker in Incredible but true
Art France Cinema vs. Production 2022

Anecdotal comedy, but still comedy

Incredible but true A truthful philosopher may and should have condoned, an incubator to reflect the potential flexibility of time, but unfortunately this is only an excuse for the schoolboy valve and it does not answer any of the questions posed to his audience.

The result, the picture is very funny, true I laughed a lot, but the whole episode remains. Personally, I’d like to dig deeper into the possible repercussions of Dupuix’s exploration of the nullity, taking the time to establish the drama that Mary is going through, rather than treating her as a superficial character and letting go of her emotional obsolescence. Health

His Incredible but true Suddenly his time looks like a very light satire and draws a cut and dry conclusion on the seemingly hysterical youthfulness that has supposedly taken over the world. Also, because of wanting to limit genres too much in caricature (a woman obsessed with youth or a patent misogynist obsessed with her dick), Dupuix works humor, but pushes back the dramatic power of his ideas.

The reality remains that Incredible but true, It’s funny. The latest limit. Firstly the idea of ​​reason, which I do not want to spoil for you, is deliciously irrational, secondly because the dialogues, though flushed with Daisy, are so subtle that they can never be rude and finally because the cast is perfect.

Distribute with small onions

Inside, we have a satirical Aline Chabat, an obsessive Leah Drucker, a hooded Anais DeMaustier, and a sexist Benoit Magimel, who shine through the seriousness with which they live with their Cretin characters, where Palmasho Cabotine was Sirius. Mandible.

Alain Chabat is incredible but true
Art France Cinema vs. Production 2022

As always with Dupuix, I was really upset, because at the same time I had a great time and at the same time I was completely dissatisfied.

But I would choose to keep only a positive memoryIncredible but trueBecause I know that Dupuix produces his films almost exclusively, supported by small productions, that he has only a limited budget and besides, He has the nerves to make things up – and of the irrational kind – in a French society which is rather hostile to him. So for that, I’m still quite a fan of the guy’s work.

So go ahead and form your own opinion Incredible but trueIn which I swear that there is a real idea hidden against bin Laden.

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