Opening remarks by Minister Monsef Bukthir at Huawei Seeds for the Future Alumni Meeting

Tunisia Tribune (speech by Minister Monsef Bukthir) – We reproduce below, in full, the speech of Mr. Monsef Bukthir, Tunisia’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Alumni Meeting held on June 18, 2022 at the Movenpic Hotel des Burgess du Lac Tunis “Seeds for the future” In the presence of Huawei Tunisia His Excellency Mr. Zhang Jiangguo, The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Tunisia, as well as Mr. Philip Wang, Executive Vice President of Huawei North Africa. Mr. Monsef Bakthir expresses himself in the following terms:

  • His Excellency Mr. Zhang Jianguo, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Tunisia,
  • Mr. Philip Wang, Vice President of Huawei Technologies,
  • Mr. Philip Wang Huawei, Executive Vice President of North Africa,
  • Dear Representatives of Huawei Technologies Tunisia,
  • Dear student,
  • Dear guests and participants
  • Lady and lady

I’m glad to be with you today for this inaugural event of the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program Alumni Meeting Forum, especially since I joined the event on November 15, 2021. Seed for the Future and ICT Academy program and which had the opportunity to renew the “Seed of the Future” agreement with Huawei for the period 2021-2024.

Today’s forum, titled “Together for a Better Future” or “Together for a Better Future” is another opportunity for our young people to be inspired and dream.

Thank you for inviting me to this event where valuable friendships are revived and I would like to thank the Huawei Technology Tunisia team for organizing this forum nicely.

It is impressive to see that this alumni forum of “Huawei Seeds for the Future” program has been able to bring together about 100 students from different countries. Congratulations.

Dear Elders,

During this time it became increasingly important to maintain connection and communication, characterized by rapid rhythm and change. This type of network will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and acquaintances after you have completed your internship. A strong and global network can promote connectivity and exchange and accompany you on your career advancement.

At the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, we consider students as the center of our system. Everything has been established to give him the skills he needs to mature into a good citizen who participates in the development of his country. In this context the international dynamism provided by such programs enjoys an essential position in our strategy.

Indeed, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research supports the international mobility of students and all members of the university community. It works to expand the opportunities available in this area. Our ministry provides national scholarships for bright students in various fields and levels and is working with international partners to increase scholarship offers.

Internationalism and interculturalism are central to building a good citizenry, and together we can tackle the challenges of a growing globalized world and shape the future in a productive way.

We believe that international mobility also helps build lasting relationships between individuals, peoples and nations. It represents an element of support for economic development. But it also contributes to a common ground for dialogue, understanding and rejection of extremism and violence.

Dear Guest,

I take this opportunity to build good relations between Tunisia and China and to ensure our ambition to achieve co-operation between our two countries.

We are satisfied with the level of cooperation with China and believe that there is a lot of potential for the development and structure of this knowledge-based cooperation. Our aspirations are to increase the level of cooperation, provide it with strategic steering and monitoring process, and sustain the dialogue between the Tunisian and Chinese authorities and between the academic and scientific communities of the two countries.

I also think that the new scientific partnership between the universities of the two countries could lead to interesting academic projects and we hope that a portion of these projects will be related to postdoctoral studies and research.

At the same time, the ministry is developing a new vision for Tunisia as a regional university, a scientific and technological destination with the potential to export higher education and scientific research services, to attract international students and to support student, staff and program dynamics. .

This effort will enable us to strengthen our own resources as well as the quality of training in our higher education institutions. It will ultimately make a valuable contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of the country.

By 2021, we have welcomed more than 9,000 international students to public and private Tunisian universities, with more than 90% coming from sub-Saharan African countries and the greater Arabian Maghreb. These students have chosen Tunisia for some advantages: Famous universities that are climbing various internationally recognized international rankings and scientific productions.

Dear guest

We are grateful for the opportunities that Huawei Technologies continues to offer to young Tunisian students. Training opportunities through the “Seeds for the Future” program and certification through the “Huawei ICT Academy” which has a definite impact on their careers. These are actions that support our strategy for our students and future graduates who tell us to dream of an innovative concept while we are students. To this end, we have created “Student-Entrepreneur Dignity” and also created centers within universities to support student entrepreneurs in their dreams. Innovation competitions are organized by universities to encourage students to innovate. For information, I attended two very interesting events a few days ago: June 13, 2022 at the finals of the Best Innovative and Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurship Competition organized by the University of Tunis El Manar, and June 15, 2022 at the “NSI Innovation Hub” National School of Computer Science. At another level, the ministry is investing in ICT and artificial intelligence as areas of excellence, as well as pillars of future and economic development.

We appreciate Huawei’s generous donations by equipping disadvantaged students with 100 tablets and allowing them to continue their studies online during the epidemic. Forget about providing the necessary equipment for online meetings for the ministry

We are delighted with Huawei’s interest in encouraging young Tunisians and hope that this interest will come together in the future.

Dear Elders

I hope you never give up on pursuing a promising career and that you will one day continue to tell us your success stories and what you have been able to achieve to inspire others. A

“Thank you for your attention”.

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