Princess Charlotte of Bourbon-Perm married the son of Guatemala’s ambassador

This Saturday, June 18, 2022, Princess Charlotte of Bourbon-Parma joined a civic union with Javier Valladares Uruella. The religious wedding of the Capitens’ descendants will soon take place in Orne. The groom comes from a large family of Guatemalan diplomats and politicians.

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Civil marriage of Princess Charlotte of Bourbon-Parmar and Javier Valladares Uruella

One year ago now, in July 2021, we announced the engagement of Princess Charlotte de Bourbon, Princess of Parmar. Born in July 1993, he has an older brother, Amauri, and two younger sisters, Elizabeth and Zita. His parents were Prince Charles-Emanuel and Constance de Bourbon-Parme, born Barnes Constance de Ravinel. Her grandparents were Prince Michel de Bourbon-Parme and Princess Yolande de Broglie-Revel. His grandparents were Baron Yves de Ravenel and his wife, Countess Alex de Castellen. Charlotte significantly participated in the Debutants Ball in 2011.

Prince Charles-Emanuel and Princess Constance de Bourbon-Parme, the bride’s parents, call the Monaco Red Cross in 2019 (Photo: David Navier / Abacapress)

Some pictures have been wisely shared on social networks this weekend, revealing that the princess said yes to her Guatemalan diplomat this Saturday. The princess wore a yellow dress, a hat, and held a large bouquet of sweet peas.

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There is also a religious wedding program

Javier Valladares Uruella, son of Guatemala’s ambassador to London, and Marina Raquel Uruella Prado are also diplomats. The groom’s grandfather was an ambassador to Holy See. Xavier Valladares Uruella is currently the second secretary general of Guatemala’s ambassador to Paris. His brother, Asisclo Valladares Uruella, served as Minister of Economy under Jimmy Morales.

Javier Valladares Urruela Interviewed By BFM Business (Photo: BFM Business Screenshot)

The religious wedding of Princess Charlotte and Xavier will soon take place in the Au Parche, Arn area, in Tourover, where Prince Charles-Emanuel de Bourbon-Parme resides. Politics is also a family affair next to the princess. Charles-Emanuel, one of Yellow West’s first supporters, significantly helped his son campaign for the last legislative election. The bride’s brother, Prince Amauri, presented himself in Orne’s 2nd constituency, where he received less than 4% of the vote in the first round on June 12.

The bride is a cousin of the Romanian royal family, a descendant of King Chistian IX of Denmark, the last Duke of Parmar, Louis XIV, and all the Capitan kings (Photo: Historic Royals).

Prince Charles-Emanuel de Bourbon, Prince of Parmar, great-grandson of Robert I of Parmar, Duchy of Parma and the last Sovereign of the Place. His cousin is the current head of the Charles-Hughes family. Prince Charles-Emanuel is extremely active in the legitimate movement and he regularly shares his political and social views on his social networks.

Prince Charles-Emanuel and his wife, Princess Constance (right), with their children, and Louis de Bourbon, his wife, Princess Mary-Margaret. Princess Amauri (left), Princess Zita and Princess Elizabeth, in front of Princess Charlotte. The family went on a mass rally in Invalides in 2008 (Photo: Thibault Camus / ABACAPRESS.COM)

In 1731, the Farniz family, who had ruled Parma for centuries, lost control of the region to a new sovereign from the Spanish royal family. Philip I, son of King Philip V of Spain, became the first ruler of the Duchy of Parmar from the House of Bourbon. Note that Philip V is the grandson of Louis XIV. After the unification of Italy in 1859, Bourbon ruled Parma for more than a century, until Robert I was forced to leave.

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