The bride asks her fianc to wear a white robe, then accuses him of ruining her marriage, saying it was a “test of friendship.”

Weddings can sometimes be a point of contention between guests, even between the bride and groom. It happened to a young bride who thought she was making her best friend happy on her wedding day.

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A Reddit user who wanted to remain anonymous on the discussion site has spoken out as a fugitive under a pseudonym. In a dedicated subsection of the site, Am I Asshole? (“Am I ** Ard?”), The Internet user told an unfortunate story that happened to her to get other users’ opinions: Did she make a mistake after wearing a white dress at her friend’s wedding?

The bride says in her publication that she met her friend Charlotte in August 2020 at a university in the United States. The two young students quickly became friends, says Bridemaid, and the same year, Charlotte got engaged to her longtime partner. The following year, the bride carefully prepares for her long-awaited wedding day, the bride says:

I will not say that [Charlotte, ndlr] Emotional, but it was intense, and I tried to help her as much as possible with scheduled appointments, stress management, and so on. I also gave him 250 [237,57€] To help pay for the wedding (her family can only pay for a portion of it), which I was going to give her is not included in the wedding gift

The internet user will continue his story with a detail which will be important later:

A month before the wedding, I was still trying to figure out exactly what to wear. I wanted something beautiful because Charlotte said she would have a wedding photographer, videographer and illustrator. I knew Charlotte had a clear and definite vision for her wedding and I wanted her to control every detail of her special day as much as possible, so I asked her which of the three outfits I had chosen.

A selection of clothing that says a lot about their friendship …

After asking her best friend Charlotte for advice, the bride says that the bride-to-be prefers to dress herself and choose from twenty or more outfits. ” She kept the dresses that I originally chose at the beginning, as well as a dress that I discarded right away because it was white. It was a wedding, after all

“She told me that the two dresses she chose were beautiful, but she liked the white dress. I asked her if she was sure. She said ‘yes’ and even took a pair of pink and white heels from her closet to go with my dress.” I told myself we had finally found out The bride thought.

But the poor young woman had to be humiliated in public and the wrath of her ‘best friend’.

A fashion mistake in marriage passes

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On the wedding day, according to consent, the bride appeared with a dress and a pair of pumps chosen by the bride. But the bride was the unfortunate surprise to attract the disgusting look of the guests.

Charlotte was shocked to see me, then she started to turn red. He pulled me aside and immediately started talking to me about his wedding dress. I was overwhelmed. I asked her what the problem was, because she had chosen the dress. She replied that it was a ‘test of friendship’ and that if we were true friends I would not wear white clothes or shoes to her wedding.

I started laughing because I really thought it was a joke and she yelled at me saying I ruined her ‘marriage’ and ‘marriage’. I told him without hesitation that he was mad and gone, no longer wanted to fight and did not know how to handle what had happened. I took back my wedding gift and left

The unfortunate bride punctuates her account by saying that she has received countless messages from friends and family since that terrible day when she was insulted and ridiculed by the bride telling her how horrible she was. To wear this dress at her friend’s wedding.

In a final update to her post, the bride made it clear that the bride was wearing a blue dress that day. Since posting her story, the student has received widespread support from netizens.

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