The bride does not want the wheelchair-bound father to walk her down the corridor until she sees him on TV.

A woman does not want her father to walk her down the corridor because she is disturbed by her wheelchair. However, when she sees him on television a few days before the wedding, she regrets her decision and changes her mind.

When Lisa Terrell’s mother died when she was just two years old, her father Edward took care of her. Caroline Terrell died in a devastating hurricane that hit their hometown a year ago, breaking into their home and seriously injuring Edward in a wheelchair.

Still, nothing could stop Edward from lovingly raising Lisa and giving her the best of her life. A well-known journalist, he started working from a distance to support himself after the injury.

However, most of Lisa’s friends didn’t know she had a father until she surprised him when she saw him at her school one day.

Lisa always told her friends that her father was too busy to spend time with her, which is why she never went to school events or parent meetings. But in reality, Edward was never invited because Lisa was embarrassed by his presence and his friends did not want to see him.

As a kid, he used to cuddle up to his dad, but when he grew up, he was left in a wheelchair, leaving him destitute.

Confused, she was watching television when she noticed her father sitting next to the host.

Edward never shied away from his responsibilities. He was always there for his daughter and saved enough money to send her to a famous university.

Lisa, on the other hand, didn’t want him by her side. In fact, when she met her boyfriend Harrison in college and they decided to get married after graduation, she did not want Edward to attend the wedding.

So he panicked when Harrison asked him to invite Edward to his parents’ house for dinner. The young man’s parents belonged to the rich and high society. What would they think if they saw an elderly man in a wheelchair in their home? Lisa was ashamed to think alone.

However, as Harrison enthusiastically invites Edward over for dinner, Lisa realizes she has no protection. So he had to give her a fake smile, in doing so, she told him she would ask Edward if he was free.

Lisa is ashamed that Edward was in a wheelchair Source: Unsplash

Upon learning of Lisa’s dinner invitation, Edward replied that he was more than free. She was glad to know that Lisa had found someone to caress her. She wore a beautiful suit to dinner and Harrison’s family warmly welcomed her. The young man’s parents were impressed that Edward himself had raised a daughter.

Also, Edward had a wonderful sense of humor and everyone had a great time at dinner. Everyone except Lisa, whose cheeks were red with shame all the time, since the man in the wheelchair was her father …

A few weeks before the wedding, Lisa decided it was time to talk to her father. One night during dinner, he gathers his courage and informs his father that his name is not on the guest list.

“Dad, I wanted to talk to you about marriage,” he began, looking at his plate and removing his thorns through the spaghetti.

“Yeah? What’s that, honey?” Edward asked. “Does anything worry you about the wedding, the cost? If so, I have some savings that can be of use to us. Above all, I have reserved them for you …”

One day, during a dinner, Lisa told Edward that she had not been invited to his wedding Source: Unsplash

“No, Dad! That’s right,” Lisa paused for a moment, “Harrison and I plan to get married here in New York, but the problem is, we’re doing it in one of the biggest hotels in town. In town, and …, I thought you It would be better not to attend the event.

In an instant, Edward’s smile disappeared, and he looked at Lisa in surprise and said, “I – I don’t understand … what’s the matter?”

Lisa sighed and looked at him. “Look, Dad, that’s right … the guests will be exclusive, and they will all be businessmen and high society people. Imagine a man in a wheelchair walking his daughter in front of them … I don’t know … it’s weird.”

“A man in a wheelchair, is that weird?” Edward’s eyes filled with tears. It was hard for her to believe that Lisa had indirectly removed her from the guest list. But he got the message. She forced a smile on her face, and hid her tears.

“It’s true, you’re right! After all, old age is holding me back,” he said, pretending to laugh. “I can’t handle such a big rally. It’s okay – okay!”

Edward was devastated by his daughter’s decision Source: Unsplash

“Thanks for understanding, Dad,” Lisa said in a muffled voice and went to her room. Before dealing with this terrible blow to Edward, he did not think about the affection and care he had given her over the years, but in the end he regretted it.

A few days later, while watching a program called “American Heroes” on television, he was surprised to hear the host mention his father’s name. Confused, she was watching TV when she noticed her father sitting next to the host.

Soon, the camera focuses on a screen that shows a picture of Edward in a wheelchair and the hurricane that hit their town a year ago.

It turned out that Edward was one of those brave journalists who was able to save his family and help his neighbors in times of disaster. Edward had a serious expression because he described how he was able to help people, especially his family members.

Lisa is shocked to see her father on TV Source: Unsplash

“I will never forget that day. It was terrible … we lost almost everything,” he explained. “My wife died in an accident, and my daughter was only two years old. While reading the rubble around us, I noticed my daughter was standing right there … just below where they had fallen.

“I went to rescue him and took him in my arms, but I ran, grabbing a large part of the roof and breaking my back due to a spinal cord injury that prevented him from walking again.”

Hearing this, Lisa’s jaw literally burst and her tears flowed. “Did Dad save me?”

“It was hard for me,” Edward continued. “But you know, you really can’t escape your fate. So I saved my courage, knowing I couldn’t give up everything, at least because I had a daughter who was completely dependent on me.”

At this point, Lisa was very embarrassed about her own activities. She cried after this interview, cursed herself for being a bad girl, and decided to correct.

On her wedding day, she walked the corridor alongside Edward, but before the ceremony began, she wanted to say something very important to the guests …

Completely embarrassed source for what Lisa did: Unsplash

When he picked up the microphone near the altar, and approached Edward, who was seated among the guests, he knelt down and hugged him. “I know this is one of the most important days of my life, and I’ve been waiting for it for so long!” She said, holding her father’s hand in hers. “But none of this would have been possible if my father had not been by my side.”

“Ever since my mother died, I have never heard my dad complain about the inconvenience of being able to make me human. He had some hard days, but he never showed me. But what did I do? I was often there. Remove from the wedding list because I was embarrassed that she was in a wheelchair. Yes, that’s right!

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“If I only knew Dad was in a wheelchair because he hit me on the back to save me, I would never have done it. I was horrible to the man who loves me the most!

“So I apologize to her in front of everyone present today. I apologize to you for being the worst girl, Dad,” she said, facing him. “You can hate me all your life. I’m sorry.”

Lisa apologized to Edward on her wedding day Source: Unsplash

Edward did not expect Lisa to publicly admit her mistake. He was surprised, but at the same time, he was inspired by his daughter realizing his mistake, so he forgave her.

“Oh, come here,” he shouted, kissing her. “Everyone makes mistakes,” he says. “But if you can recognize them and work to fix them, you must forgive.”

All guests are removed. They saved thunderous applause for this comfortable reunion.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Love and honor your parents as they go above and beyond for you.. Liza understood this after hearing her father’s story on TV and apologized to him for the rudeness.
  • Everyone makes mistakes, and if they find out, they should be forgiven. Edward forgave his daughter when he saw that she felt guilty for what he had done.

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