Wedding: Top 25 Worst Wedding Dresses …

The organization of a wedding is done months and weeks before the big day. The choice of place, decor, dishes will be served only to the bride and groom. If you are accustomed to seeing different themes based on love and glass, then what you are going to see is far from the traditional wedding that you have been able to attend so far. Here are 25 people who decided to make this day unforgettable, of course, but above all atypical!

A wedding dress with a beautiful colorful touch

The theme is of course anime based. Given the bride’s decor, it almost looks like a cosplay!

Burning clothing

Oh, bride, you’re on fire! No, only the pet caught fire. A representation of the flame of their love? Find out what the inspiration was. Anyway, this is a real idea!

Long tail

Which is sure to break a record! The efforts of a great team to keep the bride’s way of course required the participation of a lot of guests. Someone talk too much! It was his job to make a wedding dress with such a long train without seamstress.

Camouflage mission

It’s not a wedding dress, it’s a camouflage dress! The bride may have wanted to go unnoticed. Is he successful?

The bride and the sheep

A dog is man’s best friend, but who says sheep can’t go to a wedding? To choose this skirt for her dream outfit she must be specially attached to this bridal of our bride! Hmmm, inspirational …

Balloons everywhere

When we have a choice, we must use our creativity. No, it’s not a fun fair for kids! It’s just a wedding dress with a bride … balloons. The enclosure had to be secured so that the balloon would not burst. The groom’s bust looks like someone wanted to go to the beach, but got married on the way.

Theme: fairy tales

The bride is a princess and the groom is an ogre. Is it a wedding or a live action shoot of a specific dreamwork production? It’s really a wedding and theme choice Shrek! Fans of animation these two, it is very successful! Let’s hope that the wedding witness also arranged as ne.

An air flow?

Neckline fashionable! Up to date, let’s see! There is nothing wrong with the dress … or there may be a detail on the chest. But hey, the important thing is that the bride feels good about herself.


An inspiration that needs a lot of explanation please! What is the idea of ​​coming to your wedding wearing a dress with a vagina as a decoration?

Bridal bikini.

It’s all there, it’s white, it’s decorated, it’s … no comments.

Long live Georgia

He remains patriotic even in his own marriage. At least he has his own way of showing it …

flapping dress

After the neckline, there’s a booster that tries its best to hold… or rather hide it all.

Another bridal bikini, but all lace

Even the groom has chosen the same delirium… fortunately, the state of the ice swan is there.

We still forget about white clothes

There may be a tendency to wear underwear instead of traditional wedding dress. Let’s try to guess what this grandfather thinks about this bride who is not afraid to catch a cold.

“It’s my wedding, it’s my day, wear whatever I want, I’m the star of the day! A

Oh, the lost Disney princess is as gorgeous as her hairstyle for her wedding!

Is it a goat?

Anyway, the picture is beautiful.

Morgue environment

Theme is clear! At least there is the red color of love!

Avenger mode!

We don’t know who else to look at. Bride’s dress or this men’s dress?

A coach is a little too small

Another princess. But, sir, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to choose a bigger car?

Rihanna, is it you?

If not, the woman must be a distant relative.

“I want a snowman …”

We ask ourselves the same question.

Another balloon wedding dress

It’s one of the best sculptures!

The whole family

How beautiful is the theme of small family and wedding that you will not find everywhere.

Committed cheerleader

Get married in a dress that always reminds you of your team!

Rainbow as a theme? Not bad!

At least the result is real – colorful!

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