Which idol would you choose for your child?

Choose an idol for your child

Its origin Idols The present era dates from several centuries ago. But today, thanks to the diversity and subtlety of art, these are more attractive and popular than ever before.

The Multiple characters in series, manga, myth Serves as a breeding ground for designers and industrialists specializing in the design of sculptures. More and more models are developed to support different. Children are the first target of these many idols today.

In this article consider the various criteria for choosing the ideal image for your child’s profile.

Image: What is it?

An idol is a nominee A miniature representation of a real or fictional character. Designed on a small scale, it is a statue of a god, the subject of an animal, a fictional character (the protagonist of a manga, movie or series) or even a person who is still alive or may exist in reality.

Today, the manga idol, which belongs to the family of toy idols, is the most well-known and probably the best-selling idol in the world.

However, there are many more statues. You will find examples under this heading:

  • Of Archaeological statues : This family is made up of ancient statues, the works of art are mostly prehistoric and sometimes antiquated. These statues are known today for their archeological excavations. In this section you will find special zomaric statues (rhinos, mammoths, cats, horses, etc.), ethnographic statues often symbols of kings, religious or prophetic statues (minimal representation of gods and goddesses).
  • Of Traditional idols : The idols you will find in this family of idols have a traditional character. Their origins go back to traditional society, for which they have a symbolism. You will find these statues especially in the local circles of China (Jiangsu statues), Mesoamerica (Olmec statues) among the Santons of France. These statues are inspired by folk characters.
  • Of Porcelain : Here, the material used to make these statues is what makes the difference. In fact, you will find in this family of statues, which can be filled with both old statues and contemporary statues, lots of statues made from porcelain.
  • Of Toy stats : These are for entertainment. For most of them, it’s comic book characters, mythological heroes, series and other actors who have inspired them. You will find special manga statues in this section.
  • Of Action statistics style : These are statues designed for decorative purposes. Their style as well as their size varies according to the type of decoration. You will find statues that, depending on the style of your decor, fully meet its criteria and contribute to the improvement of your interior design style.

For your child’s play activities, you can offer him a statue of his hero.

Why give your child a statue?

The screen occupies a very important place in contemporary society. Of the many programs aired on television, everyone finds the one that suits them best. Sometimes, in children, they even make it an emotion. So, you will often see your child frozen in front of the television during his favorite show.

Most of the time, the little ones find their passion Them ComicsMovies or series. Many of the characters in these entertaining television programs have a character that they accept Models, their heroes.

Thus, by offering your child a toy statue designed in the form of his favorite character, you allow him to carry his hero with him in his everyday universe. He will even be able to imagine new situations where he will give his idol the role of his choice. Thanks to this gift, he will be able to develop his imagination better.

The criteria for choosing the best idol for your child should be considered

Not all children have the same interests. To choose the one that best interests your child, you should consider:

Your child’s emotions

It’s really hers Emotions Which will determine the small size family that will be suitable for him. So you should offer a style sculpture that is passionate about a child Japanese anime. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

His hero

Once his emotions are identified, you must know His favorite hero. For kids who are passionate about manga, there are countless characters in this universe. You must identify the hero of the lot.

His age

Age Choosing the ideal idol for a child is a very important criterion. In fact, the more the baby grows, the more you have to choose a larger statue.

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