Already ready for a third child? He reveals himself

Will Nabila have a third child? The young candidate opens up and expresses unexpectedly about his projects. We tell you everything!

Nabila criticized after delivery

A few days ago, Nabila gave birth to her second child, a beautiful little boy whom they named Leanne. But after giving birth in France, the young mother was severely criticized. As a reminder, Nabila now lives in Dubai, and Internet users complained that they wanted to take advantage of the free French healthcare system.

On the TPMP set, Benjamin Custaldi explains: “ He is accused of using social security. I think it costs 100,000 euros to give birth in Dubai. A Then say: It is at least 100,000 euros. A friend who had paronychia in Dubai paid 50,000 euros. “

But Nabila was able to rely on the support of Magali Bardah, who did not hesitate to come to her aid. Regarding his choice to return to France, the star agent explained: ” Basically, Nabila no longer lives in France. So he does not get social security benefits. We cannot attack anyone in Social Security when we know contextually that he has no one. She paid for her delivery. He doesn’t have any important cards. So he has no social security“Then he added: I don’t see how it could harm people if Nabila decides to give birth here. And pay all costs. There are zero worries. Nabila further explained that it was important for her to give birth and be able to show her son to her grandmother. A

Nabila: Ready for the third child? He reveals himself

Nabila is confident about losing her weight

But in the midst of many criticisms, Nabila seems to be happy and fulfilled today. The young mother never hesitates to have confidence in her community, even with her physical transformation. After gaining about 10 kg during pregnancy, Nabila revealed her body shortly after birth: “It’s not too bad. There’s still a lot of loosening on both sides, the skin isn’t tight at all. I really take my time. I still have short lines. I remember, it took about two or three months for it to disappear. I am very lucky, it has been ten days since my birth and I do not have stretch marks on my abdomen. I have something on my buttocks. “

And later, she did not hesitate to report her weight gain: “I’m going to keep my feet on the scale because a lot of people tell me I don’t seem to have gained weight but I’m still gaining. There, I have ten kilos left to lose. Usually, I weigh 56 kg and there, I weigh 66, even 67 kg. “ . But if internet users believe that Nabila has a dream body even after giving birth, the latter will still want to lose a few extra pounds: “ You can’t see it, but I can feel it. After all, it doesn’t bother me physically, I feel it because I’m a little heavy, with a little pain in my joints and, above all, my legs and feet are swollen. Same for my stomach. But I have a sheath so it becomes flat, the skin is not reattached. It’s not crazy, but it will take time, This is not my priority now. He explains.

Nabila is going to have a third child?

You have to believe that it is not easy to find a dream body after giving birth and it is not Corali Porovechi who will say the opposite. The young mother made her debut shortly after giving birth after receiving a shower of criticism. Remember! Corali was made fun of for her dress, which was considered too big since she was born. The latter was also a real ordeal for him and he did not fail to talk about it.

“Three weeks after giving birth, I was a little vague at this level and I didn’t explain too much because I had a complication. I had a kidney infection which led to me being admitted to another hospital a week after giving birth. At the time of delivery, everything was fine. I was triggered because I exceeded my scheduled date by two days … Delivery lasted 12 hours and delivery 20 minutes. It was great, I had no pain for the epidural! A He explains.

Unexpected confidence

Before adding: “After the second night, I really live a nightmare! Just at night, I had hot flashes, I was shivering, I was cold, I was sweating drops of water. I have never had so much pain in my body in my whole life. (2) I thought I would die! They kept me in the hospital for more than 24 hours. Every picture Bob sent me to Leroy made me cry. They healed my kidney infection fairly quickly. This is why I was missing out on social networks, because it took me a long time to recover. A

However, Nabila has recently appeared in a video story in Magali Bardaha. And the video didn’t go unnoticed because the young mother made her debut and made an unexpected revelation. Nabila is ready to have a third child, but not for now! We heard the Star Agent’s response to him: ” So there we frankly told ourselves that we were taking a break for at least 4 years for at least (that) truth. Then I will bring the little girl. And it will still be a boy … (Laughter) Can we hear his answer then?

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