An alarming rise in live child rape orders on the Internet

French investigators are increasingly interested in the order of live-streaming rape by French pedophile offenders, whose number of cases has increased over the past three years.

In three years, the number of files processed by police regarding child crime video orders has increased from 6 to 27, and authorities fear that this increase will continue. The idea is inferior: it’s a question of ordering a live rape (live-streaming) video of a child being run over from France abroad. The incident had been known for several years, but Kovid and months of captivity seem to have accelerated this criminal practice.

Video of rape in claim

This is the production of offline or live videos, at the request of the pedophile. The French pedophile herself may indicate the sexual practice she wants to see, even the violence for which she wants to be a child victim. “So he became the director of a rape video,” an investigator for BFMTV described.

“The offender makes an order for minors and the type of work he wants to do and accepts, to this day, is either filmed content or a link that allows him to follow the abuse live and even order the type of work that took place,” said Paris prosecutor Figaro Lore Bekouke. Explained at the end of February.

Makes these heinous orders on pedocriminals Dark web But also on the legal site. Victims live mainly in poor countries: we find them mainly in the Philippines, but also in Eastern European countries such as Romania or even South America.

Note that the cost of a rape video is estimated at between 30 and 70 euros. This is a fairly large sum in the victimized countries, but it is ridiculous for the French pedocriminals who provide it.

A growing phenomenon

The incident occurred in 2005/2006 and a first file was filed in France in 2011. But over the three years, the number of cases has been increasing: 6 files have been processed by the Central Office for Suppression of Violence against Individuals (OCRVP)) in 2020, 10 files in 2021 and 27 files since the beginning of 2022.

“This is indeed a growing phenomenon in our eyes, especially in relation to the covid crisis that has forced consumers and pedophile offenders to change their habits,” explained BFMTV’s Frederick Courtt, deputy head of OCRVP. Sex tourism was impossible at this time and “they had to effectively move towards technology”.

According to our data, 250 to 300 French pedophiles are involved in this exercise. “We anticipate that by the end of this year, we will have started 100 investigations,” said Lor Bekou.

How are criminals tracked down?

The perpetrators of these crimes are difficult to identify, as they are live video conferencing exchanges, which are not necessarily recorded.

To trace their track, investigators use numerous Tracfin reports, this French intelligence service is responsible for fighting tax evasion or financing terrorism. Thus they detect the transfer of often ridiculous money (30, 50 or even 70 euros) from France to the Philippines. When they notice a recurrence of this transfer, they investigate and intervene if necessary.

“We can’t identify the dead.”

However, “we cannot identify these victims,” ​​said our antenna Nathalie Bouquet, a lawyer at Innocence in Danger, an organization that protects children who are victims of violence. “We have investigators who travel to these countries in the hope of being able to identify the victims. Once we have identified them, there are language barriers, difficulties with our French compensation system …”, he explained.

“Today we are already working symbolically to try to have a name for these children,” the lawyer said

“Our role is to get kids back to the heart of these files, so that they’re not just the number of files, we can manage to pronounce their names, we know what they’ve done, what they mean.” Franceinfo Ludwin Piron in December, NGO ECPAT (Stop child prostitution, child pornography and child trafficking for sexual purposes) “It’s our role to remember that behind the scenes, children are really being sexually abused or raped.”

· Which sentence is expected?

Currently, 20 investigations into this type of information have been seized by the Paris Prosecutor’s Office, and this could lead to a money laundering trial in France next year. In 2020, in the Philippines, a man was sentenced to five years in prison for sexually abusing young girls, watching live via the Internet. He was later tried for possession and promotion of child pornography, but was also involved in sexual abuse of minors under the age of 15.

Case law has recently been developed in this regard. From now on, people arrested for watching these pornographic videos live could be tried for “involvement in rape.” This means that they take the same risk as the author of a rape law: 20 years in prison.

“This is not a common possession of child pornography images,” explained BFMTV Aurelian Bruilet, an assistant in the juvenile department, deputy prosecutor in the Paris Prosecutor’s Office. It involves “the involvement of rape, the involvement of human trafficking, with the two complications that come with persuasion. It means that we are going to order something and so without his action, in reality, this criminal act cannot happen.”

With Vincent Vantigame and Blandin D’Alena, Salome Vincendon

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