Blaise-Pascal College in St.-Flower (Cantal) rallied against a class closure earlier this year.

Teachers, administrative staff, agents, parents, college students, elected officials … there was a huge crowd in front of Blaise-Pascal College yesterday. All headwinds against the announcement, last Friday, a sixth-grade abolition and the loss of half the position of supervisor at the beginning of the next school year. A situation that, according to them, goes against “quality education”.

A workforce of 68 students in September 2022

Today, high school schools have 88 sixth graders, divided into four classes, with one segpa for 8 students, or 25 or 26 students for each level. As of September 2022, with an estimated 68 staff members (including 10 in Segpat), if National Education does not review its transcripts, there will be three sixth-grade classes, “which will bring classes for 30 students,” one teacher lamented. Who confirmed that “only six students are missing to maintain four classes, it is not too much risk”.

Parents of students at Hout-Avargon High School in St. Flower (Cantal) condemn teacher shortage

“At 30, you can’t do the same thing as 25”, hits another ৷

“In 25 students, I can work properly, but in 30, the class is more than one hour and again it is not one hour, 55 minutes, it is two minutes for each student. It’s math. “

A teacher (Empty)

Not to mention children with special educational needs who need special attention. “And at 30 in each class, we lose this personality.”

Support of elected officials

“Republican schools must promote equal opportunities and provide the best possible conditions for children to learn,” they announced in one voice yesterday. “Even if we live in a rural world,” added Marina Base, divisional councilor, who was outraged by such a decision.

“We need to stop counting in our department ?! The quality of the book, annoying there.

Marina base (County Councilor)

“It simply came to our notice then. That’s a lot, after school, “said Frederick Delcross, deputy in charge of education. “Is it too much ?!”, confirmed Christoph Vidal, departmental adviser, being surprised that “they [Éducation nationale, ndlr] Don’t consider the special needs of children in our organization. “

Parents of students at school in St. Flower (Cantal) Hugo-Viala unite against class closure

And all of them claim, teachers themselves and sometimes students have been warned, sorry for not taking advice. “At the last minute, on the eve of the holiday, it’s always a surprise,” Cornelius Mayor Patricia Roches announced.
If the abolition of this class therefore first affects the middle school students, then it will also have a direct effect on the teachers “who then have to do shared service in other institutions”.

The deputy, Jean-Yves Bonnie, requested an appointment with the academy’s rector and the national education minister. He had no chance to return on Wednesday afternoon.
High schools in La Vigière (Saint-Flour) and Murat and Haute-Auvergne (Saint-Flour) will also be in hot seats with one class deleted.

Isabel Bernarius

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