Children give homeless people the last 20 cents, Grandma gets $ 740,000 villa as reward

A little boy gives his last twenty cents to his father to help the homeless beggar and when the man becomes a millionaire he gets a lot of reward for his kindness.

Jimmy and his dad had their little pickle. Every Saturday afternoon they would go to the park to play baseball and then stop at their favorite ice cream parlor for a double scoop of chocolate and vanilla.

When they leave the glacier, they always pass a homeless man who is always sitting on the same street corner. Jimmy’s father always emptied his wallet and gave every penny he had to the man and the man was always smiling.

“One day I’ll give you back, John Laundry, every penny!” He said.

Jimmy’s father always gave him his change. | Source: Unsplash

“Of course, Wayne,” said Jimmy’s father. “I should expect so!”

One day, Jimmy shoots his father in the hand. “Dad, how did this guy know your name?”

“Jimmy,” said John. “A long time ago, when I was in college, I knew Wayne. He was always on the verge of a big discovery. However, things did not go well for him, it happened occasionally.

A compassionate heart is always rewarded.

“So when I see him, I give him what I can, and he tells me he’s using it for lab supplies. I know it’s wrong, but I pretend … and when he says he shares the benefits of his discovery. I’m going to tell her I believe it too. “

Jimmy used to go to the park with his father every Saturday afternoon. | Source: Unsplash

Jimmy couldn’t understand his father’s words, but he could hear the sympathy in his voice, so he stopped him and hugged him tightly. Jimmy didn’t know it, but it was his last hug.

That night, Jimmy’s dad was out to wake him up in the evening, his big heart pounding. John Laundry left and, Jimmy’s mother died when the baby was born, Jimmy found himself alone on earth.

The only person he left was his grandmother, Wendy. Although Jimmy’s father had a successful small software company when he died, it went bankrupt and everything he owned, including their home, was gone.

Grandma Wendy only had her pension, so she found a trailer for them to live in and life became very difficult for Jimmy. Wendy tries hard, but she can’t give her grandson everything while her father is alive.

Jimmy’s father always gave Wayne as much money as he had. | Source: Unsplash

Although he is quite old and retired, he finds a job in a laundromat, where he works night shifts. But her health continues to decline, and Jimmy is very worried about her. When Grandma Wendy dies, Jimmy will be alone in the world.

She started crying a lot, and she became very calm. Wendy decides to cheer him up. “Listen, Jimmy,” he said. “Why don’t we go to the park this Saturday?”

Jimmy and Grandma Wendy go to the park and play ball (Grandma Wendy threw like a girl), then they go to the ice cream parlor. They went out, and there, around the corner, Jimmy saw his father’s homeless man, Wayne.

“Wait, Grandma Wendy!” Jimmy yelled. “I have something to do!” Jimmy went to Wayne and turned his pocket, but he only had twenty cents. He was very upset.

Jimmy’s father died suddenly. | Source: pixels

She says to Wayne, with tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry Wayne, but I only have twenty cents!”.

“Hey there,” Wayne said. “All right! Every penny counts! How’s your dad? I haven’t seen him in a long time!”

That’s when Jimmy started crying and Grandma Wendy came running. “She’s dead!” Jimmy yelled. “She’s dead, we’re poor and I’m afraid Grandma Wendy will die, and I’ll be alone!”

Wayne was shocked to learn that Jimmy’s father had died, and Grandma Wendy placed her arms around Jimmy and promised that he would not die.

Jimmy was upset because he had to pay Wayne 20 cents. | Source: Unsplash

Then Wayne said, “Look, when I get my patent, I’ll be rich ৷ and I promised John he’ll get a big chunk of my money because he’s an investor! Don’t worry ৷ I’ll make sure everything is good for you!”

Grandma Wendy shook her head sadly and smiled. “Thank you,” he said. “You are very kind.” Although he did not believe a word of it, he gave Wayne their address so that he could communicate with them when he became rich.

So when Wayne drives their trailer in a limo with a check for 5 million a year later, Wendy is shocked. He was even more surprised when Wayne took Wendy and Jimmy to a beautiful luxury beachfront villa when he bought them for 40 740,000!

“I promised John he would get his money back,” Owen said. “A multinational bought my patent with more money than I could afford, so I’m keeping my promise!”

Owen gives Jimmy and Wendy a house by the sea Source: Unsplash

In the new home, Grandma Wendy’s health improved dramatically, and Jimmy stopped being so anxious all the time. For Wayne, he was a happy man and he played baseball and hooked up with Jimmy all the time.

What can we learn from this story?

  • A compassionate heart is always rewarded. Jimmy’s father always paid Owen kindly, and he never imagined that Wayne would be truly rich.
  • Never stop dreaming. Although no one believed him, Wayne never gave up on his dreams and they finally came true.

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