Electronic security and cyber security now go hand in hand

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] As security demands grow, meet Laurent Bouvier, president of Traffic Transport Surrey (TTS), an integrator of global security solutions that specializes in access control, video protection and anti-intrusion.

What are the pillars based on electronic security today?

Video security systems, intrusion detection and access control create large electronic security systems.

There are several purposes for video surveillance today:

– Estimate possible incidents related to theft, vandalism, terrorism …

– An explanation of an event after an event.

– To discourage in some cases.

In the service sector (companies, shopping centers, etc.), in urban areas or on sensitive sites, its usefulness has been proven.

Access control is used, as the name implies, to monitor access to a site (company, sensitive site, etc.). It only restricts the access of identified and authorized persons to access certain areas of the sites.

For intrusion detection, it usually starts when sites are closed and can be kept active for other sites, especially for sensitive sites, partially or completely 24 hours a day.

Today, can we think of providing security solutions without including cyber security?

Current events have shown that cyber attacks are on the rise. As a result, our customers (administration, state sites, companies, large third-party buildings) want to see our security system attached to a cyber security level to be able to monitor the network that their security system relies on. Security software, especially our hypervisors.

Artificial intelligence is needed in all areas of the economy. What will it do in terms of security?

Artificial intelligence really represents a way to the future. This is very useful in terms of operational efficiency, as it allows the implementation of preventive situations, giving the operator or security forces the possibility to acquire skills. Video surveillance-related AI lets you see what operators might be missing by setting specific identification filters on specific video streams. For example, if the purpose is to detect the movement of an abandoned parcel at an airport or a football stadium, then the implementation of filters related to the identification of abandoned parcels and the movement of crowds allows operators to systematically raise alerts when these events occur.

We have already installed this type of solution on several sites (city, third building, port) and we continue to work with our partners to improve our solutions in this area and offer innovative and useful filters such as port detection. Lethal weapons by individuals and many more.

In terms of security, is the use of biometric techniques still a cause for concern?

The use of biometric data remains a real issue for the French security market as legislators through CNIL need to ensure its use and in particular the protection of this data to prevent any malicious activity. At the same time, the law is making progress in this regard, which makes it possible to increase the level of protection that authorized sites can benefit from acquiring this type of technology. Today in France, the most common use for CNIL approval is a biometric fingerprint stored on a badge whose bearer is the bearer of the badge.

What about iris and facial recognition?

This is a growing comprehensive biometric strategy. I think of the West African markets where we are most present, and especially C কোte d’Ivoire where the 2023 African Cup of Nations will be held. Demand is increasing in this area. Extremely high level of authentication by providing facial recognition and iris. France should also be affected by such national deployments, especially in the context of epidemics which call for avoiding contact as much as possible.

Is customization of given solutions increasingly important?

It is essential. Requirements in terms of safety, which are always too high, are managed by project management assistants who draw specifications that must be met. Several companies will line up and choose one of them. If we are lucky, we will meet with the final customer and perform a fully functional analysis of the customer’s requirements, taking into account the legal aspects of the applicable law that has been revealed in the specification and our solution. This allows us to determine very precisely all the products placed to secure the site.

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