Joshua Bengio, a Quebec scientist, entered the Laraus dictionary

Miller’s scientific director, the Montreal Institute for the Study of Artificial Intelligence, thus joined about 300 Canadians, including some 30 Quebec personalities whose names are part of the dictionary. Cartoonist Guy Delisol and conductor Yannick Nazet-Seguin are Quebec personalities who have recently made their debut there.

In a video interview with several journalists, Yoshua Bengio also admitted to reacting with disbelief to the announcement. At all these prices, I would not have imagined them a few years ago. It is always good to have this recognition.

This leads me to re-focus on humility, which is important in this situation. Science is not one or two individuals who cause it, it is a group and students who do not necessarily have it. A

A quote from Yoshua Bengio

The Little Illustrated Laros Yoshua Bengio is described as a Canadian computer scientist born in Paris in 1964. We add that deep learning a développé une technologie d’apprentissage automatique utilisée dans la reconnaissance vocale des téléphones et la traduction de langues”,”text”:”ce précurseur des réseaux de neurones artificiels et du deep learning a développé une technologie d’apprentissage automatique utilisée dans la reconnaissance vocale des téléphones et la traduction de langues”}}”>This pioneer of artificial neural networks and Acquiring deep knowledge Advanced machine learning technology used in telephone voice recognition and language translation. It is emphasizedHe is also interested in the issues raised by the application of artificial intelligence.

Added to this is the Turing Prize from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), considered the Nobel Prize in Computing in 2019, along with researchers Geoffrey Hinton and Ian Lacun.

A definition that satisfies the scientist. They did a good job, but they didn’t consult me. So they investigated properly.

The definition of Yoshua Bengio in “Le Petit Larousse Illustré 2023”

Photo: Amelie Phillibert and LaRousse

A recognition that allows popularization

In addition to this recognition from Laraus, Joshua Bengio received the Legion of Honor earlier this year, and last week the Spanish Princess of Asturias Award, along with three scientific colleagues. He says he is happy that what he does with his team has an impact on society.

[On travaille sur] Growing conversion questions. It is very inspiring for many people and students. There are researchers who are very inspired – and I belong to this camp – just by discovering, by understanding intelligence. A

A quote from Yoshua Bengio

However, he wants to persuade the population and the government to act and move forward in his case. [Ces reconnaissances] Can help increase impact and send a message as a researcherJoshua Bengio thinks so.

Yoshua Bengio

Photo: Radio-Canada / Amaryllis Prolux

He maintained that we must democratize AI and above all inform the people about it, as demand in all spheres of society will increase. Using AI is like using a calculator. Everyone needs to have some familiarity with it, which should be part of the basic course.

He emphasized that the population must be well-informed in order to be able to make informed decisions on AI at the international level. For this, the population must be aware of moral, ethical and military issues, which are not necessary for the common man. They are concerned about the level of what we see in science fiction films. Which is not an issue for the next decade.

An independent election

No names can be submitted to be part of the dictionary. A committee of experts in various fields is selected.

In addition, four criteria are required for a scientific personality to be part of Larose: the person’s notoriety, especially in France, longevity, legitimacy, and accessibility to their achievements.

In Little Illustrated Larus 2023, 150 new words, meanings and expressions and more than 40 new proper nouns added. Especially the Quebec word Slip And Roll.

Joshua Bengio also wanted to say about last week’s Princess of Asturias award in Spain that it The heart was warm Since Spanish was the mother tongue of his three grandparents.

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