The local art education agreement took root in Puisay-Forteret

Half an hour show around the story of Marcel Ayam, without time and almost without memory loss. Saints-en-Puisaye School students impress local Artisan Education Contract (Cléa) partners, Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at the Atelier Bleu Theater. The short performance was organized by the Commons of Puisaye-Forterre (CCPF), which carries the device, to take stock of the first Cléa – positive – and to launch the second, which will run until 2024.

Awakening, liberation, development of critical thinking

“Since 2018, we have met more than 600 child artists from kindergarten to high school, discovered art in all its forms, invented appropriate techniques, acted in their own creations,” recalls Pascal Grosszin, CCPF’s vice-president. Leading artistic and cultural projects is the awakening, liberation, the foundation for the development of critical thinking, what Cléa has made possible. It has also served the purpose of equal opportunity and access to culture, whether children come from a favorable or distant background. “

In addition, many children, following an experience in clear structures, have registered for theater, plastic arts or other courses. “The first of our skills is children’s education,” said Jean-Philippe Soulnier-Arighi, president of the CCPF. “Culture makes it possible to raise children.”

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Cléa also fulfills the purpose of equal opportunity and access to culture, whether the children come from a favorable or distant background.

“Small currents make big rivers”

The system is funded by Inter-Communalism, DRAC (Department of Regional Cultural Affairs) and the Department. “It’s important to show a united front,” said Aymée Rogé, Bourgogne Franche-Comté’s regional director for cultural affairs. The Yonne division “participates in direct financing and indirectly supports the division’s companies, with various Cléa in the region,” said Isabel Fremant-Meris, vice-president of the department in charge of culture.

Elizabeth Descheper, inspector general of national education, declared: “Claya makes it possible to bring artistic and cultural education to a region, develop aspirations. Puisaye-Forterre’s first Cléa has achieved its purpose. “

The second clear has no special theme. However, the CCPF wants to make it particularly influential in childhood (not first represented in Cléa) and to contribute to the region’s attraction by highlighting museums.

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