The understanding of many parents on the tour, still on the waiting list

Tour-Nord resident, Nine months after applying, Marina is still on the waiting list for a municipal crche. “On paper, I said I wanted any kindergarten until it was in Tour-Nord, and even after the last placement commission in May, I didn’t get an answer. No. I don’t understand why other moms who don’t work can get a place. “

Since the birth of his daughter Lina 14 months ago, Her grandmother worked as a nurse. Lack of something good. “My grandmother, she is going to be 86 years old. She can’t climb the stairs and can only carry my daughter, who is starting to gain weight. So to relieve her, I had to change my work contract. I went in part.” Time. As a result, I’m losing my salary. “

Double private micro-crche in three years

Even in the face of stagnation, Mariam is leaning towards private micro-nurseries, which are growing like Tour-Nord mushrooms.. She has two children aged 3 years and 8 months. “When you’re a parent, you’re a bit hostage because you have to go back to work and you have to look after our children. So I put my boys in the private sector, where there was space. I had no choice. And the rates were exorbitant. It costs me a kidney. In all, I pay 2,600 euros a month for my kids. With the help of the CAF, it makes 1,400 euros out of my pocket every month. “ Around Four times more expensive than a municipal crche.

Tour, currently there The municipality reserved 725 seats in Crete, 167 in association and 45 for hospital staff., Whose time is extended. To this, We must add 324 spaces to private micro-nurseries. Three years ago there were only 170 of them, which clearly shows that they are responding to the shortage and in a way, taking advantage of this imbalance between supply and demand – even the statistics of people on the waiting list for a place are not communicated to a municipal nursery.

“If you look at what’s happening in France, you have about 15% of families who have access to a place in Crete, at a much lower rate than in other European countries.Frank Gagnayer, deputy mayor of Tours, regrets his childhood responsibilities. The argument goes that we extend the way. This is what CAF does and what we do, we are in the municipality since we are going to create space in the Europe district in Tour-Nord. In the last six years, it is clear that many private cr্রেches have opened up north of the Lower. This is a sign that requirements are important and that the response of the general public does not cover them, we are aware of that.

Completion of the announcement of a 57-seat device carried by the department

Elected officials think soIt would take a hundred more places in the whole city to control the system. However, a place in a municipal nursery costs the city between 10,000 and 13,000 euros per year, mainly staff costs. “We want to keep the assets, but when other players threaten to withdraw, we will only compensate for the fall of others and we will not solve the problem.”Explained Frank Gagnayar, who pointed the finger at Indre-et-Lower Divisional Council.

Throughout the Indre-et-Loire community, the community is threatening to shut down a system in 57 places dedicated to a particular public, such as children with disabilities or children of unmarried women. “In 2021, it was possible to welcome more than 600 different children in the whole section, including 279 on the tour, because there was a big turn, Tour’s Town Hall confirms the Early Childhood Assistant. But from 2023, it should stop, the department no longer wants to finance. He considers this device to have little effect but does not provide any evaluation data to support his argument. If it’s a question of money, I don’t understand. Because it alone costs the department 750,000 euros per year or 0.14% of its operating costs. The problem is that these audiences will no longer have easy access to places like Cretaceous when they are in urgent need.

In spite of everything, they will actually get priority when applying to the municipal crche. But it will only prolong the waiting list for other families. When contacted, the Indre-et-Loire Divisional Council did not respond within a reasonable time.

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