Toulouse is the city of space

With Ariane 5 rockets, Space City Don’t go unnoticed. And for good reason, the rocket displayed on the site is 53 meters high কিছু something to delight space lovers! However, this center of scientific culture is not limited to this machine. In 25 years, Cité de l’Espace has been able to transport young and old beyond the Earth’s surface. Independent opinion Restores the history of this iconic place in Haute-Garonne.

Description and history of Cité de l’Espace

In Cité de l’Espace, MIR station, a lunar module, a model of the solar system, the Soyuz capsule or even an exhibition transporting visitors to the Red Planet! But before all these facilities were established, City de l’Space went a long way before seeing the light of day.

Inauguration of Cité de l’Espace in 1997

The project was launched in 1994 City of Toulouse Which confirmed the launch of the equipment through Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées’ equipment company Setomip. Roger Lesgards, the then mayor of Toulouse, appointed by Dominic Baudis, chose Jean-Noel Plachage as the head of the musical project to create the project.

In June 1997, Cité de l’Espace was inaugurated by Dominique Baudis, deputy mayor of Toulouse, and French astronaut Claudi Hageneri, the park’s founder. One year later, in July 1998, the city unveiled the full-size Mir space station. Just two years later, in September 2000, Cité de l’Espace welcomed its millions of visitors. An example of the popularity of this cultural center in Occitania.

Subsequently, Cité chained the inauguration of the new space facility, which is completely unprecedented in France. In October 2000, Toulouse residents and astronauts were able to discover the Terr @ dome, which features a variety of life on Earth. Two years later, in October 2022, the permanent exhibition hall is dedicated Mars Was made public.

Success of Cité de l’Space

For the park’s 10th anniversary, in July 2007, Cité de l’Espace saw a lot of big things. An open house weekend was organized. According to the city, more than 20,000 people took part in many events and fireworks. Seven years later, in April 2014, the astronomer opened his doors inside the Coppola Museum.

Finally, from April 5, 2022, Haut-Garonne Museum It offers viewers “Mars terrain: Rovers enter the scene”. This new room is in the shape of a 900 m² crater on which perseverance and zombie rovers have landed, or rather the twins of these American and Chinese machines, are currently in search of Mars.

What to do in Cité de l’Espace?

You realize it City of space Full of activities that will delight fans of astronomy, but eager to discover the fascinating world of space conquest.

Cité de l’espace includes a planetarium, an IMAX cinema and a 4 hectare scientific park with many spacecraft such as lunar modules, satellites, MIR stations, Ariane 5, Chang’e-4 … an astronaut and the universe and space technology. Discover the wonder.

Travel between the stars from Toulouse

For Travel between the stars from Toulouse, Cité has an IMAX 3D movie with a huge screen of about 400 m2 and 4K resolution. Viewers will be able to discover the short film “Through the Eyes of Thomas Pesket”. The opportunity to follow the French astronaut’s mission (again) step by step in his daily life while traveling to the heart of the International Space Station (ISS).

A latest generation planetarium is also open to the public. It has a 360 hemispherical screen, a voting box to interact with the show, a very high definition astronomical simulator (8K video) … enough to travel between stars, moons and galaxies in one of the most modern planetariums in the world.

Finally, for the youngest, “Children’s City” is their purpose. This place is entirely dedicated to children from 4 to 8 years old. It allows them to visualize stories and evolve in a spatial environment on their scale and thus adapt to the world Astronauts and rockets.

Become invincible in space news

Cité de l’Espace lets visitors discover the rich Space news. Among their facilities is News Square ‘currently on ISS’. This makes it possible to follow ESA’s European astronauts, who are currently stationed or departing on the International Space Station (ISS) at an altitude of more than 400 km, in a lively and immersive exhibition.

Eventually, the new Mars terrain will delight enthusiasts of the Red Planet and its rovers. In its most recent installation, “The Rovers Take the Stage!” In the title, viewers discover animated, life-size models of Perseverance (NASA) and Zhurong (China) rovers.

The two machines are currently on a mission to Mars, looking for signs of past life. During your visit, the museum’s scientific animators will show you how these robots move to Mars, how they are powered by Earth, and what equipment they are equipped with. French camera supercam.

Practical information of Cité de l’Espace

Cité de l’Espace opening hours and prices

The Cité de l’Espace is open all year round. This opening time varies depending on the day and month. You can access the museum’s detailed calendar to plan the day of your visit. Overall, year-round visits vary from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the summer holidays, the opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The cultural center offers different tickets at different prices.

  • For one-day visits, the “1-day ticket, low season” for adults (+ 18 years old) costs 23. For young people aged 5 to 18, the price is € 17.
  • The “High Season 1-Day Ticket” full-day tour is priced at € 24.50 for adults and € 18 for teens.
  • “1 day night ticket” costs € 27 for adults and 20.50 euros for children.
  • Admission is free for children under 5.

Cité de l’Espace also has an annual pass that allows access to the site for 1 year. For those over 18, the pass is set at € 38. For young people, it’s € 27. Finally, the annual Family Pass is also available for an amount of 130.

Cité de l’Espace’s recovery point

In Cité de l’Espace, you will find 3 Restore pointsIncluding 1 restaurant and two snack bars. The Astronaut Restaurant offers a set menu of the day for 17.60 which includes a meal of the day and a dessert of your choice. An Astro Formula is also available for 15.20, which includes all-day meals and a drink of your choice. Finally, for the little ones, there’s a kids menu at € 9.90, don’t forget the € 17.60 salad formula.

Caf 149 is a snack lounge located in Australia Hall, ideal for enjoying good food between the two exhibitions. Finally, Guyanese Terrace serves sandwiches, desserts and drinks. The snack bar is located right in front of the Aryan 5 rocket… hence its name Guanese Terrace!

How to get to Cité de l’Espace?

Located in Cité de l’EspaceToulouse Avenue Jean Gonard. You can reach the museum by car or public transport.

On public transport, get on the Linéo 1 bus and get off at the Collège Vernant stop (15 minutes walk to Cité de l’Espace). Bus 37 also provides access to the site. Get off at the Cité de l’Espace stop.

By car:

– From the city center of Toulouse: Follow the “Cité de l’espace” or Castres (15 minutes) sign. Within 25 minutes from Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport.

– From Toulouse Ring Road, exit n ° 17.

– From Paris / Bordeaux: Montpellier direction, exit 17.

– From Montpellier: Direction Paris / Bordeaux, Exit 17 From Fox / Tarbes: Direction Albie, Exit 17 Exit 18 “Montaudran Lespinet” Cultural Center

Around Cité de l’Espace

La Cité is located between Balma and Montaudran, near the Toulouse Lasbordes Aerodrome and the Plane de la Grande Plain. For non-Toulouse residents, there are several hotels near Cité. Independent opinion Reveals a selection of places to stay next to the site.

Hotels near Cité de l’Espace

2 star hotel:

  • Ibis Budget Cite de l’Espace 1 Avenue Jean Gonord 31 500 Toulouse 08 92 70 75 66
  • Ibis Budget Cite de l’Espace 2 Rue Maurice Hurel 31500 Toulouse 08 92 68 32 58
  • Hotel B&B Toulouse City de l’Space Impas Renেনে Mauccotte 31 500 Toulouse 08 92 78 81 01
  • Fasthotel Balma ** 2, rue Renault 31130 BALMA – Exit 15 – Upstairs 05 61 24 04 80

3 Star Hotels:

  • Hotel Campanile City of Space Impas Renেনে Mauchote 31 500 Toulouse 05 61 54 46 25
  • Hotel Arena City de l’Space: 1, Avenue Jean Gonard 31 500 Toulouse 05 34 67 60 67
  • Hotel Kiriad Toulouse Balma 6, Avenue Charles de Gaulle 31 130 Balma, France 05 61 24 33 99

4 Star Hotels:

  • Mercure Toulouse Saint-Georges Center Rue Saint-Jerome 31 000 Toulouse 05 62 27 79 79
  • Mercure Toulouse Wilson 7, rue Labeda 31 000 Toulouse 05 34 45 40 60
  • Grand Hotel de l’Opera 1, Place du Capitol 31 000 Toulouse, France 05 61 21 82 66
  • Courtyard by Marriott 4bis, rue Alain Fournier 313700 Toulouse 05 34 39 80 00

5 Star Hotels:

  • Pullman Toulouse Center 84, Alice Jean Joures 31 000 Toulouse 05 61 10 23 10


  • What is the price for visiting Cité de l’Espace?

Rates vary from 17 to 27 euros per day, depending on the season and the age of the visitor.

  • What are the opening hours for Cité de l’Espace to visit?

Throughout the year, the opening hours of the Scientific Culture Center are usually extended from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, it is advisable to check the Cité calendar to organize your tour.

  • At what age can you visit Cité de l’Espace?

It is possible to visit this museum in Haute-Garon from the age of 4.

  • Is there a restaurant near Cité de l’Espace?

The Scientific Culture Center has three restaurant outlets. Other establishments are located nearby such as Envol Côté Plage, Pizzeria Mongelli or Ville des Oliviers.

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