“Zidane is Marseille”, La Castellane’s child celebrates his 50th birthday

Minot in the northern districts of Marseille is celebrating its 50th birthday on 23 June. The footballer then coaches, even if he never wears the color of the Olympique de Marseille, he remains an icon in his birthplace.

“He’s one of the best footballers of all time.”, Jean-Baptiste laughed. Tears well up in the eyes of Zidane, a supporter of the Olympics de Marseille.

Due to his double in the 1998 World Cup final and his major role in the French team’s first coronation in this competition, “Zizou” is acclaimed and idol in France.

But in Marseille, his name is a source of great pride: “He is the one who took Marseille pronunciation to the top of the world. He is also an example through his humility. He has always been humble.”Hugo believes he is a student at Marseille and a sports fan.

In his football career, Zizou has played for AS Cannes, Girondins de Bordeaux, Juventus Turin and Real Madrid. He never wore the color of the Olympique de Marseille. He moved to the Ear Training Center when he was 12 years old. He lived in Marseille for only a few years.

But for the Marseilles “From the moment you were born here, you came from this city. Zidane has never denied Marseille. The locals value him a lot. His family and friends live here.” Jean-Baptiste explains, who is accustomed to the north turn in the Stade Velodrome.

For sports journalist Michel Aliagar, the controversy over the identity of former France captain Marseille cannot be discussed.

“His idol is Enzo Francescoli who saw him play in a blue and white jersey. He called his first son Enzo. He slept in Enzo Francescoli’s jersey..

If Zidane is so admired in France’s second city, it has to do with his lifestyle. “It’s an example for kids. She started from scratch. She had nothing and she got everything in her life working.”Jean-Baptiste observed.

For him, Zinedine Zidane falls into the same category as Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi, who have innate talents.

As a player, Zidane has won all possible trophies at the club or in the election.

  • Italian champions with Juventus in Turin (1997, 1998)
  • 1998 World Cup
  • Golden Ball in 1998
  • European Champion in 2000
  • A league of champions in 2002 with Real Madrid
  • Spanish champions in 2003 with Real Madrid
  • Winners of the Intercontinental Cup in 196 (with Juventus in Turin) and in 2002 (with Real Madrid)

The No. 10 Blues retired after losing to France the same evening following his headbutt in the 2006 World Cup final.

Symbolically, ten years later, he took control of Real Madrid. Won the Champions League from the first year. In his three years at the club, he achieved what no one has done since the early 1960s: winning the most prestigious European Cup three times.

Born in La Castellane, one of the toughest housing estates in the northern districts of Marseille, this is a life full of success. She has a dual culture: French and Algerian, her parents immigrated to France in the 1960s.

“Looking at him and imagining a deal in Paris-Saint-Germain seemed impossible to most Marseille a while ago. Today, it is a real possibility. He has a close relationship with Qatar. PSG coach Zidane? It will be a coup de Grace. The break will be final with Marseille. “Michelle Aliaga analyzes.

Many supporters of this observation share the city of Marseille. To some, they could not forgive their idol for joining their rival club. “It bothers me that negotiations are going on between him and Paris. Does it bother me? If he’s their coach, I won’t like him anymore!”Hugo testifies that he is a somewhat anarchist student in his hometown.

Jean-Baptiste even thinks that if one day Gizo comes to Stade Velodrome on the bench of Capital Club, he will get a very special welcome. “We already take it as a betrayal. The fans will scold him. It will definitely be the stadium’s bronze!”

Killian, a teenager from Marseille, weighed in on the issue: “I think fans will whistle at him, but he doesn’t deserve it. We can’t blame him if he coaches this club. A lot for the French team.”

In an exclusive interview with the sports newspaper L’Equipe, Zinedine Zidane admitted: “Paris is not a topic at all. You should never say no.”

The former number 10 of the Blues seems to be particularly attracted by the position of the coach of the France team. Will we one day see him succeed as Didier Deschamps? The exceptional destiny of a child in La Castellেনn.

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