Advertising soon? What will change

Netflix. Advertising on Netflix should come soon to lose subscribers. But what will change this price?

[Mis à jour le 24 juin 2022 à 11h35] After the price increase, Netflix will soon test the arrival of ads to compensate customers. Anyway, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos announced this during a visit to Cannes Lion. In exchange for advertising, the subscription should be cheap for the users, but the exact price has not been mentioned yet. We don’t even know when this new offer will be offered on the streaming platform, but American media is talking about a launch in early 2023.

Netflix is ​​one of the main platforms in the streaming landscape. The site has hundreds of productions, not only original but also allows its customers to enjoy the content of many films or series. Although the price is higher than most of its competitors, Netflix remains one of the most popular services, adding new releases every month and offering exclusive items like Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel or La Chronic des Bridgeton at Squid Games. Below, find all the information you need to know about Netflix subscriptions.

If a monthly subscription to Netflix is ​​taken, it can be canceled at any time and at no extra cost. The streaming platform offers three different subscriptions when you want to register on the site. It is not possible to benefit from the content of the free platform. But which of the three subscription options do you choose? Here are several options available to you:

  • If your budget is tightChoosing to subscribe seems preferable Essential, Which, at € 8.99 / month, is the cheapest offered by the streaming platform. However, this offer only offers the quality of a simultaneous screen and only a standard image: it should not be too much to use this account at the same time.
  • If there are two, you have to take advantage of the account Netflix In your family, you may need to choose a membership Standard. 13.49 / month, this offer lets you view two different content on two screens simultaneously. Ideal for roommates, couples or small families. With this offer, you will also benefit from an HD image.
  • Premium members This is ideal if you want to maximize benefits and not be too fussy about the value of your subscriptions, or if you are a very large family or a large roommate where every member watches Netflix regularly. For 17.99 / month, you can access all Netflix titles and many more on-screen at the same time with the best image quality. This offer offers viewing of the platform’s Catalog HD, Ultra HD and 4K on 4 screens at the same time.

Regardless of the monthly package chosen, the film and series can be viewed unlimited, subscriptions can be canceled at any time and it is possible to connect to the streaming platform on your computer, TV, smartphone or tablet. Note that in France, the last price increase date is August 19, 2021, before the platform becomes official in October. Below is a summary of the various pricing and subscription offers offered by Netflix:

Essential Standard Premium
Price per month 8.99 13.49 17.99
HD HD No. Yes Yes
Ultra-HD No. No. Yes
The screen is available simultaneously 1 2 4

A new increase in Netflix prices in France soon? Whatever the case, this is a concern for streaming platform customers. After the United States, two European countries were affected by price increases on subscription platforms. In the United Kingdom, the premium subscription (the most expensive with the most options) is now set at. 15.99 (or .0 19.02), the সাব 10.99 sterling (.0 13.08) and the £ 6.99 (€ 8.32) essential subscription for the standard subscription. Ireland has also been affected by this price increase: premium subscriptions now cost 20.99, standard subscriptions € 14.99 and essential subscriptions € 8.99.

For now, we don’t know if this Netflix price increase will affect France. This is not officially the case at the moment. Prices have already risen prudently since last August before the platform was officially announced publicly in October. Given that 18 months have passed between the last two price increases in the United Kingdom and 15 months in the United States, we can expect that the price increase on Netflix subscriptions will not affect France this year. But we will have to wait to confirm the formality of the platform.

Netflix account sharing soon?

This is an announcement that will not reassure many Netflix subscribers. The streaming platform announced on March 16, 2022 that it was about to launch a new test: more customers will be charged who share their accounts with people who do not live in their families. For now, France is not affected by this measure.

The test will begin next week, in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. In these countries, it will be possible to add a “sub-account” for 2 or $ 3 Chengi Long, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, explained in a blog post that “we want to make sure that each new option is flexible and useful for our customers, whose subscriptions help to finance films and series from quality.” For several months, the streaming platform has been losing ground, registering 221.8 million subscribers, less than its intended purpose. According to AFP, Netflix will register “only” 2.5 million new subscribers by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

For several years, Netflix offered in France to get acquainted with the platform and to benefit from a one-month free trial to verify its membership. From February 2020, it is no longer possible to benefit from a 30-day free trial: payments are made from the first month of subscription usage. However, it is always possible to cancel your subscription at any time. To date, there is no possibility to legally test Netflix for free.

This is a new extension that everyone is tearing up on the Internet right now: Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that lets its users share a viewing session with their friends and family on Netflix. The idea is simple: everyone can watch the same episode of the same series from a distance, respecting strict synchronization, and everyone can take part in an exciting discussion via instant chat. During this captivity of the French, Netflix subscribers have found a way to ease the isolation a bit by going to this extension that literally lets you “netflix and chill” but from a distance.

All you have to do is go to the Netflix Party site and click on “Install Netflix Party”. You will then be redirected to the Google Chrome Web Store, then click the “Add to Chrome” button. A window will appear in the browser asking you to confirm your addition to Google Chrome, click “Add to Chrome”. As a reminder, the extension is only available to Google Chrome browser users So it is not possible to enjoy it with Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Once the Netflix Party extension is installed, all you have to do is go to the Netflix site, select the episode or movie you want to share with your friends or family, and start watching the video. Once the video has started, click on the red “NP” icon at the top right of your Google Chrome browser. The extension then asks you if you want to be in single control of the view (check “I only have control” if you don’t want to share control with others). All you have to do is click “Start Party”. The Netflix party then gives you a link to share with who you want to watch your movie or episode with. Remember that each of you must have Netflix Party installed in Google Chrome beforehand and each of you must be a Netflix subscriber to view synced through Netflix Party.

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