Choosing a student health supplement for your child

First, you have to Clearly the difference between social security, mutual insurance and insurance. Social Security or CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) pays all or part of your child’s medical expenses. Complementary health insurance, commonly called reciprocity, is responsible for paying costs (all or part of which depends on your guarantee) that are not covered by Social Security. Insurance certainly allows you to insure your vehicle or residence, but also covers costs in the event of an accident.

Mutual insurance is essential for your child

Can’t go through your child’s box Urgent for a crack If Tibia falls off a scooter or gets injured while playing sports … but unfortunately, if she does, will she be able to afford it? What will happen in this case too Important dental work that could not wait ? Without forgetting Practice fees overruns by certain experts (Dermatology, gynecology, etc.) which your child can consult regularly. The decision therefore demands reflection, because not everything can be predicted. By choosing mutual insurance, he will be reimbursed and, above all, he does not have to ask himself the question of whether he can pay for a medical appointment.

What are the costs of student health insurance?

Students are usually mutual Less expensive than non-specific health supplements. Them Price Is Student health costs adapted (Who in most cases have lower healthcare costs than you) and can do so If you attach your child to it, it will cost less than your current health insurance As a beneficiary. In fact with your mutual, your child will have a guarantee that you will pay but he will not use or very little.

So it is possible Subscribe Additional student health insurance for less than € 7 per month With Smerra. Such a formula certainly covers the necessary guarantees for your child, but it is certainly advisable to check the coverage of hospitalization costs, dental care and optical care. It may also be interesting to make a regular point of view to adapt to your child’s needs as they develop.

Choose according to your child’s needs

Because of the simplicity, many young people stay connected to their parents’ mutual insurance company. But does it really cover their needs which, logically, are not the same? In addition to conventional coverage, a student may have a mutual insurance company Guaranteed to adapt to your children’s lives, By retaliation, for example, contraceptive measures, periodic protection, etc. Mutual also offers Content and prevention actionThey are supplying Health counseling And participate Field work in higher education institutions For example.

In addition, by subscribing to their own health insurance, your child will also gain autonomy. Even if you are always there when you need to go with him, he must learn to manage his work as a student, to do administrative procedures, to manage his budget. So it will be up to him to take responsibility for everything related to his health.

Pay attention to the guarantees and compare the level of compensation

Social Security does not always cover all costs. Payment rates vary widely. Thus, if it compensates up to 70% of the consultation with the referring doctor, it is reduced to 30% if consultation with another doctor. The payout rate is 60% for consultation with a physiotherapist or speech therapist and sometimes only 15% for certain medications.

So whether the name is “Young Mutual” or “Student Mutual”, these offers are attractive and follow the same rules as other contracts in the market.

To be sure Select the correct formulaThere are several points To checkTo know:

Level of guarantee by the care station (minimum, essential, all risks, etc.) (dental, optical, hospitalization, etc.),

- Third party payments, to avoid costs in advance

- Any waiting period (are there any delays between medical expenses and services?),

- Potential elimination of guarantees (e.g. alternative medicine, surgical treatment of an aesthetic nature, etc.),

- Is it possible to subscribe at any time of the academic year? A

Low Income: Do you know CSS? (Complementary Solidarity Health – Former CMU C)

We did not mention this, but if your child is still with you and you have a modest income (the annual maximum is set at € 9,203 in mainland France on April 1, 2022), it is possible for him to do so. Benefit from CSS. This Instrument Given Access to a care basket is 100% refundable And allowsExemption from the remainder after payment by Social Security, And advances in pharmacy ribbons for some drugs. Requests are made on the Internet from the account Or through paper form. It will be needed Choose a management company for the attachment Of your child. So you can think Student health insurance Such as Smerra, which is one of the authorized mutual for CSS management.

Extra: Think of that too!

If your child already has complementary health insurance, they can Full payment Thanks to an offer designed for their specific student needs. This Health supplement Allows you to cover costs in addition to your mutual insurance or your mutual insurance. This may include, for example, its return Alternative medicine (Osteopathy, Acupuncture …), Female and male condoms, vaccines, contact lenses. Or even support for Periodic protectionA Taxi home from eveningA Fresh fruit and vegetable packageOffer by Tonic Etudes, complementary by Smerra. There are also packs that combine mutual insurance and additional health insurance, allowing you to save some money. Do not hesitate to search with a special student mutual insurance company.

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