Gazette of French High School in India

The latest issue of Gazette des ELFI for the 2021-2022 school year is a tribute to the work of the students of French International School, Pondicherry, the students of EFIS, Franco-Indian School, Chennai, and finally the students of Delhi. International High School.

Interestingly, this number marks the end of the French academic year, when Indian schools are reopening for the new year.

The Indian weather is fixed on the weather and at the end of the warmest days, the French school, it is fixed on the French clock. Once the patent and graduation exams are passed, French schools will be closed “for the summer holidays.”

La Gazette des ELFI, a diverse magazine written in a variety of handwriting in different languages

In this 55-page magazine, it is great to read topics selected by children from different backgrounds and cultures, who are loved by their parents. French instruction., at the opportunity of life, sponsors the editorial team of Pondicherry. On various occasions, we have attended and participated in editorial meetings. The commitment and seriousness of the student-journalists is noticeable.

The articles are varied, written in English, French, German and deal with topics ranging from “Gamma Explosion” to “Education Files, Schools of the World” and we were particularly interested in the article written by 15-year-old Judith. , Student of 3 ° 1, Lack of education in Pondicherry?.

Gazette des ELFI Education Dossier 1st page

Lack of education in PondicherryA report from 3rd class

Judith, Asmita and Nadia wanted to write an article about beach kids who come to sell their trinkets to tourists, at the promenade on the beach in Pondicherry.

Children sell trinkets by the water in Pondicherry

These children are often very young, they sometimes walk in groups and sometimes insist. When we think about it, we can ask ourselves: Who are they? Where do they come from? Where are their parents?

Our young journalists asked themselves the following question: Are they going to school? They are not going to keep in mind preconceived notions already.

At the initiative of Christine Guidon, a high school documentary teacher, we discussed with the students the best way to get to the beach to encourage them to talk to us that children and parents probably only speak Tamil.

Street family interview in Pondicherry by students

Following the report, Ashmita shared her impressions with us:

These people were shy, the kids were between the ages of 3 and 13, they were hungry and they really had no home.

Interviews of street children in Pondicherry by students

Judith, very touched by these meetings which contrary to her beliefs, wrote an article entitled Lack of education in Pondicherry? :

Education is a child’s right …
So we saw that we weren’t quite right, because the children go to government school until the second and then they stay at home because they need money to study from this class. When there are several children in the family, parents do not send all their children to school. But most children want to go to school.

The Pondicherry ELFI Gazette editorial team met with two professional journalists

On June 1, 2022, our emerging journalists received the honor of receiving a visit from Gora Patel and her partner Ann Boneu.

Pictures of souvenirs among students of Laissey and Gora Patel of Pondicherry

Gora Patel, now retired, was a journalist and then regional director of the French public television and radio channel Reunion La 1ère, which broadcast on Reunion.

Anne Boneau, after a past as a Globe-trotting journalist and a series of collaborations, hosted a radio column entitled “Instant World” at Reunion La 1ère. We recommend listening to the show on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, Auroville 1, On foreign portals.

Meeting between Pondicherry High School students and Gora Patel and Ann Boneu

The beautiful and long experience of something and the future projects of others allow these two generations to come together, rich and friendly exchange.

Gora Patel is interviewing Poonicherry High School student Anuridh

To the students of the French school, the editorial staff said: Long live the holidays! And those who came back to school: Enjoy!

Judith reminds us that 12.9% of the world’s children never went to school.

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