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Le Petit Fute pFollows its mission as an indicator of our travels, discoveries, good planning and leisure and invites us to explore, out of the monstrous track, with the French collection France (63 year title) and especially the Drôme Ardèche region whose new version has just arrived.

There are two categories for a great attraction tourist destination. Ardeche and Drom are the first and main waterways on both sides of the Rh নদীরne. On the one hand, the Ardech which can be landed by the canoe and its tributaries which form many valleys; The drum, on the other hand, is less irritating but attracts swimmers in the summer, just like the torrent coming down from the workcourse. Blue here! Drôme and Ardèche also create an ecological zone, committed to green tourism and rich in environmentally caring farmers. A lot more color is added around a slow tour that takes its time, a gourmet destination if there is one, lots of outdoor activity to attack in the mountains or white water. Drôme and Ardèche not only attract sports enthusiasts, but also families who enjoy a vacation at a campsite along Drôme and are able to see jewelry at Hauterives, including Postman Chevale’s ideal palace, Pierrelatte’s Crocodile Farm or Peaugres safari. Also, these two categories are a cultural destination where there are appointments in the vicinity of music, including the S গo Guy Mozart, the theater, the Grignan Nocturnal Festival, or the famous cinema (the general state of the Lucas documentary). Even it is a festival destination where Équiblues, the festival of western Saint-Agreve, or the Ardèche Aluna festival, a few medieval festivals and many gatherings in the village not to mention.

Always a new formula to share better tips and experiences …

Completely redesigned, Petit Futé’s essential French guides now offer readers a new generation of guides that focus on a more interactive and local experience. Between guides and magazines, Petit Futé has rediscovered the tourist guide market by offering unique content through 4 main axes: Inspire, Discover, Visit and add additional content to your travel as well as multimedia: videos, photos, playlists and websites easily accessible via smartphone .

Inspire or how to leave the reader with more visual and inspirational content. Like the instant dive, this first segment offers a 360 ্যান panorama of the entire tourist offer of the destination. Opportunity to discover ideas for living (for example, stay in Drom Provencal), find out when and why to go there, as well as search for audio and / or video interviews (such as author Marie-Charlotte Amblard) The Hotel Villa Valbaum in Vallon-Pont-d’Arc or the Cabanas de Carpet in Saint-Jean-en-Ryans for accommodation; The Roma-sur-Isere Villa Margot, the Claire de la Plum in Grignan, or the Seris sur l’Agnue in Saint-Pierreville for the restaurant; For activities and leisure of Roseraie de Bertie of Largentière, Castanea of ​​Joyeuse or even Tchier de Borée.

Discover or quickly identify the major resources of the region: nature, history, gastronomy, etc. But for some destinations with a more specific focus such as paddling by the water, etc., equipped with additional content to go further in terms of knowledge, observation, activity or even meeting with the personality. Here, the reader-traveler will be able to find everything he or she can expect to see and discover through a coherent and alphabetical tree structure (POI: points of interest).

How to optimize your stay while visiting or immersing yourself as close as possible to the residents of the destination to live like locals. From Drom, the mountains of Provence and the mountains of Provence to the natural workhorse and the fruitful Rh উপne Valley, from Valencia, the capital and the relaxing Davis to the wild, authentic and preserved Ardech, find the best of destinations and what makes it special. Enriched with all the practical information and a selection of smart addresses (to watch, eat, sleep, relax or have fun and do some shopping).

Arrange your stay or how to best manage your accommodation in terms of administration, logistics, transportation, etc. Rich in practical advice, this last section also includes a list of destination specifications and tips for staying. Through various categories: getting there, staying and touring, accommodation, getting around and getting information.

With this new generation travel and leisure guide, Le Petit Futé confirms its pioneering, innovative spirit and consolidates its roots while maintaining its roots in the 21st century: great tips and experiences to share!

Smart innovation!

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