Here are 8 good reasons to choose CNED supplementary education for your child

Are you preparing for family emigration and considering enrolling your child in a local school? To enable him to maintain a link with the French school system, in parallel with his studies at the local school, there is a ready-made solution: CNED’s SCI (International Complementary Schooling).

This light training, 100% remote, allows your expatriate child to follow his or her education at the local school as well as the official French school program.

We give you 8 good reasons to choose CNED SCI for your child during your migration!

1) Your child stays connected to the French school system

According to the humanis / barometer, about half of expatriate parents prefer to enroll their children in local schools. If it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and language of the country, then this method of schooling also involves a complete disconnection from the French education system.

To overcome this problem, CNED SCI offers an ideal alternative.

This distance education, built around government national education programs, is specifically designed for expatriate children enrolled in local schools.

This allows your child to follow the same school program as a student enrolled in a French school, in parallel with his or her schooling in the country.

Thus in exile he has made a connection with the French education system.

2) Return to France is very smooth

This continuity in school career greatly contributed to the recovery of schooling in France. In fact, when entering a French school year after year abroad, your child is completely mobile and there is no delay compared to his classmates. In this way he re-integrated the French school system gently and without any difficulty.

Also, know that before returning to France, it is possible for you to apply for a certificate of equivalence issued by the Cultural Adviser of the French Embassy in your country of residence. This certificate considers both the results obtained with CNI’s SCI as well as the results obtained at the local school, which enables one to enroll in a French school as well as pursue higher education in France.

3) The program is light and not too limited

SCI is a light training, which takes the basic concepts of official programs in 3 main subjects, which vary according to the level of education. College students follow, for example, math, French, and history-geography-citizen education activities.

The training can be followed for a few hours a week in parallel with studies at a local school. This course is therefore much less limited than dual education.

At the end of the school year, the student receives a transcript with the teacher’s assessment. To verify the training, 75% of the homework must be completed.

4) 100% distance learning

One of the great assets of SCI is that it is fully accessible from a distance regardless of the expatriate country. All you need is a computer (or tablet) and an internet connection

Educational content is grouped together on a digital platform, accessible 24 hours a day.

In this dedicated interface, the student has access to:

– In the lesson

– About homework

– In electronic assessment services

– Online tutoring

– All additional educational resources

Elementary and secondary school students may request to take lessons in paper format in addition to the digital version.

5) Personalized support throughout training

As soon as they register with CNED SCI, students will benefit from individual educational follow-up. National education teachers stay with him throughout the year. The latter provide methodological advice, explanations about educational content, activities performed, and are available at any time to answer students’ questions and guide them in their training.

Also, each assignment sent is subject to personalized correction by the teacher, who identifies errors, highlights progress, points for improvement, and so on.

6) Your child relates to the French culture and language

SCI allows your child to improve or strengthen his or her skills in French, which he or she practices daily, in writing and orally.

It’s also a great way to allow him to stay in touch with French culture while immersing himself in local culture on a daily basis.

7) Training for all school levels

Another advantage: CNED SCI covers all school levels from the Grande section of the kindergarten to the terminal. This way your child will be able to follow this extra training throughout his or her stay, regardless of the duration.

8) CNED, a reliable and famous organization

SCI is a type of course developed by teachers from CNED (National Center for Distance Education), an institution of the Ministry of National Education and Youth.

With a history of more than 80 years, CNED is a recognized organization that guarantees the seriousness and quality of expatriate parents.

To learn more about SCI, visit the CNED website.

I SCI registration date:

যদি If you are an expatriate in the Northern Hemisphere: until December 29, 2022

যদি If you are an expatriate in the Southern Hemisphere: January 3 to March 31, 2023

Duration of SCI training:

যদি If you are an expatriate in the Northern Hemisphere:

■ School: June 30, 2023

■ College and high school: September 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

যদি If you are an expatriate in the Southern Hemisphere: January 16 to December 29, 2023

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