HPI, Emily in Paris, Downton Abbey … all three are in the footsteps of your favorite series and movies in France

Some scenes from Season 2HPI Hautes-de-France is a seaside resort located on the border between Normandy and was pictured at Le Treport. Antonio Goudensio – stock.adobe.com

In Lille metropolis or C ডিte d’Azur, go to filming locations for a movie and two series that are making news.

HPI : Criminal Investigation in Hautes-de-France

Following the success of Season 1, which attracted 11 million viewers, the series HPI This Thursday, May 12 TF1 and Salto are back on the platform. Season 2 takes us back to the House-de-France, more precisely to the Lille metropolis. The police station where Morgan Alvaro (played by Audrey Flurot) played the role of improvised investigator is in the Moulins district of Lille. All bricks, the building had a spinning mill and then until 2016 a political study institute.

If the series refers to many northern cities where tourist interest is low, it is worth visiting two seaside resorts: Wimereux, recognized by the Époque villa in the sand, and Le Tréport, located on the border between Somme and Seine-Maritime. Chuck Cliff’s reputation in Europe.

Emily in Paris : In Emily’s shoes at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-back

One of Club Dauphin’s private cabanas, for being quietly lazy in the sun overlooking the Mediterranean. Four seasons

A few months after settling in Paris, Emily finds herself on a vacation in C ডিte d’Azur in a season 2 episode.Emily in Paris, Released on Netflix in December 2021. Forget the Parisian bars, make your way to the heavenly beach. And it’s the young American who leaves his suitcases with his two friends at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferra. The five stars of the Four Seasons group offer a “Girls Trip on the Riviera” (from € 7,500 per night for two) including accommodation at “Sweet Pool, Rooftop” or “Palak” with sea views, transfer from Nice to Bentley Airport , A private cabana at Club Dauphin for a 75-minute facial treatment and peaceful sunbathing at the spa. Not to mention exclusive activities, such as a guided tour of Villefranche-sur-Mer or a half-day photoshoot in your home.

Less glamorous, but since such a position is not within the reach of all budgets, fans of the series can travel at a more affordable price while staying in Paris. Fabian Buonavia, the training guide, organizes guided tours of the filming locations of the series in the capital, especially the Latin Quarter where Emily lives or the Palace Royal District where she works, booking Airbnb for জনপ্র 30 per person.

Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat , A Four Seasons Hotel, 71 boulevard du General de Gaulle, 06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. E.g. : 04 93 76 50 50.

Downton Abbey 2 : French Rivera Family Micmac

Villa Rokabella, a few kilometers from Toulon, is home to a luxury hotel with swimming pool and private access to the beach. Rockabela

On the big screen, Downton Abbey, Whose first chapter, published in 2020, highlighted the great English forts, this time took us a few kilometers away from Toulon. Inside Downton Abbey 2: A New Era, At the French box office for the first time in its theatrical release week on April 27, Violet Crowley (Maggie Smith) inherited a magnificent villa in C ডিte d’Azur that actually matched the Villa Roccabela in Prade. Built in the sand epoch style, the villa occupies a three-hectare estate with a private beach. Now converted into a luxury hotel, it has three rooms with a total of 24 rooms and can accommodate 46 people.

Rockabela , 567 rue General Weygand, 83220 Le Pradet. E.g. : 06 76 14 92 77. Double room from কম 156 in low season, breakfast included (see Hotels.com )

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