Introduced to handball by professional players, a priority students expand their horizons

[CA Estérel Côte d’Azur, Var, 5 communes, 116 000 hab.] Hundreds of meters separate them. On the one hand, Jean-Franোois-Krakowski Sports Hall in St. Raphael and its handball champions. Gabel, on the other hand, in Phrases, QPV And its residents have an average annual income of 10,700 euros. Two worlds that have not yet intersected.

National education to break down these invisible walls, Saint-Raphael Weir Handball and The That Estérel Cote d’Azur has launched a sports partnership for the attention of 112 CM2 students in the Gabel district, from autumn 2021 to spring 2022. Five classes thus benefited from eight handball initiation sessions under the guidance of the academics of this professional club of national and European repute.

Social issues

“The purpose was for them to discover a joint sport and meet with their top athletes,” explained Jean-Luc Raynal, National Education Inspector (read below). The path to school is complicated… internships offer them an opening.Training sessions are held at the Palais des Sports, a sports arena usually reserved for French Championship or European Cup matches.

Inter-school tournaments, mixed, This also happened at the Legend Venue. “Not content with bringing activities to the main neighborhood, we will succeed in helping to integrate the population living there,” said Frederick Muscler, president of CA, who funded the operation. “Transportation” of the operation. By doing so, we can respond effectively to social problems.

The students were sponsored by professional athletes: Frenchman Adrian DiPanda, world champion in 2017, and Rafael Couchteux, the highest scorer in the history of the French Championships, and Spaniard Daniel Sarmiento, bronze medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In the classroom, “the meetings were organized by the teachers, as Jean-Luc Raynal noted. The champions have described their lives as top athletes, training, participating in championships, preparing for the Olympic Games, transmitting the values ​​of the sport … “

League 1 Championship

Students and their parents were invited by the club to participate in two matches of the French League 1 Championship at Sports Hall. “We are a professional club, but we are also interested in playing a social role,” said Amerik Pilason, general manager of the club. “We support 300 young people between the ages of 3 and 18. So the first message was to tell them: This club exists, you can come.

Execution. Some now play handball in the school yard while others have joined sports clubs.

“Respect for others has developed”

Jean-Luc Renal, National Education Inspector of Phraseus – Saint-Raphael District

“Thanks to the partnership with Saint-Raphael Vare Handball, 112 students from the CM2’s Occupy class in the Gabel district of Phraeus have gained experience of a sports course with a club of European repute. They met the champions, trained at the sports hall, watched a professional match … Value of effort and perseverance, respect for others [chaque élève est passé directeur du jeu/arbitre]Solidarity and team consciousness have developed.

The taste of sports practice, which promotes health, has been encouraged. This course has also helped in raising the self esteem of the students. Teachers have seen changes with children who have played sports and who have become more respectful of the rules. A

Contact: Jean-Luc Rinal, National Education Inspector,

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