Knicks was active in the draft to recover that cap space

Accustomed to rumors, the Knicks were among the key players in the 2022 NBA Draft But not necessarily like our imagination Because if the New York franchise picks # 1, it only leaves the show by picking a second round. Kejako?

The Knicks were clearly in a curious position heading into Thursday night’s draft. They had a lottery pick but were not picked in the top 10, and we all knew they were looking for a leader in a poor batch in position 1. Thus several scenarios were planned. That made Spike Lee and New York fans the most dreamy? A trade with the Kings that allows the Knicks to jump to pick # 4 and restore the young phenomenon to Jaden Ive. An interesting scenario but probably a little unrealistic. So we also wondered if the Knicks were ready to use their No. 11 choice in the package so that they could get experienced and quality point guards like Malcolm Brogdon from the pacers. It is not impossible to see the latest rumors we had in the days before the big event. Otherwise, there was obviously a scene where the Nix chose only the best possibilities available to those who were involved with youngsters like AJ Griffin, Jalen Duren or Shaden Sharp in the last U.S. Mock Draft. Finally, the possibility Business down (Going back to the draft in exchange for a consideration) or directly Trade-out (His # 11 pick trading without getting a draft pick in return) was also one of the potential aspects of the Nix.

Finally? Boss Leon Rose, along with his assistants, made this decision: Pick # 11, initially used to select Frenchman Usman Diang, was sent to Thunder, who in turn dropped three protected draft picks: the first pick of 2023 via Detroit (1-18 secured) until 2024. , 1-13 in 2025, 1-11 in 2026, 1-9 in 2027), 2023 first round pick through Washington (1-14 secured in 2023, 1-12 in 2024, 1-10 in 2025, 1- in 2026) 8), the first round pick of 2023 via Denver (1-14 to 2025 secured). Three first-round picks in exchange for a # 11 pick, not bad, but the countless defenses are enough to keep New York fans a little cold. The Knicks then got stuck in the Hornets-Pistons trade which involved the center Jalen Duren. Selected by Charlotte with 13 picks, the interior, made up of Memphis’ Penny Hardway, was sent to New York against the first round of the 2023 draft (through Denver which was restored to the Dying trade) and four choices before the second round, the Knicks decided to send him back to the piston with Kemba Walker. Taken – signed last year, we remind you – against first round picks in the 2025 draft. As a result, the Knicks left the Barclays Center with only the Duke Prospect Trevor Kills (Selected with a 42nd pick in the second round) in their suitcase and the extra hope of signing that Jalen Brunson.

Because of the picks that the Knicks were able to achieve in these various transactions, they vacated the cap space especially last night. Be aware that in New York, it has become a local tradition to free up salary margins before free agency. That gives New York fans enough to expect a big signature for a few days, who have been suffering quite a bit over the years, except for the “magical” season of 2020-21. But how many million dollars has the Leon Rose band released? Getting rid of Kemba Walker, the salary is higher 9 9 million has just been withdrawn from the account and thus the Knicks find themselves 18 million below the salary cap According to expertsESPN Bobby Marks. With 18 million, there is a way to recruit talented and rising point guards like free agent Jalen Brunson, which we know is in Nix’s short paperwork. He is so engrossed in small papers that his father recently came to the staff of coach Tom Thibodeau. In addition to Brunson, Kerry Irving may find himself on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge due to the existing mess, and we imagine that the Knicks will keep a close eye on this file. In short: not finding happiness in the draft, New York has chosen to gain financial flexibility at the discretion of the next free agency and may take other steps in the coming days to release a few more greenbacks. It remains to be seen whether it will pay off when the time comes, or whether the Knicks will be as naked as we have seen many times in the past.

New York was active in the draft, to better equip everyone in that free agency. A sentence so nicks, and a sentence that could well represent a punchline in a week if the Manhattan franchise fails to capitalize during the summer market. Do you also feel failure?

Source Draft Protection: CBS Sports

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