Only one of the three positions in the Ile-de-France in the first degree has been filled

We expected a disaster. To make matters worse: Only one in three positions have been filled in the external recruitment competition for school teachers in লেle-de-France. About 2,000 positions will remain vacant at the beginning of the school year. It will be very difficult to find 2,000 additional contract workers this summer. The ministry has plunged public education into an unprecedented crisis.

Never seen

We have never seen such results in school teacher recruitment competition. In Ile-de-France, only 424 people were admitted to the 1430 positions proposed at the Versailles Academy in the External Competition for School Teachers (External CRPE). There are more than one thousand vacancies. The Cratil Academy has 419 admissions for 1,079 posts, or 660 vacancies. Even in Paris there is a crisis: 157 people have been admitted to the competition for 219 positions, or 62 positions without a holder. In Versailles, therefore, only 30% of the positions have been filled. It is 39% in Crete and 72% in Paris.

To understand the depth of the crisis, we must remember that Cretail and Versailles are traditionally loss-making. Then we must compare it to 2021. In 2021, 1,271 people were admitted to 1,409 positions in Versailles, three times more than this year. 1056 people were recruited for 1420 posts in Cretail. Which is more than double this year. In Paris in 2021 all positions 202 were filled.

At the start of the 2022 academic year, 1,728 jobs will be missing in লেle-de-France. Of course Versailles and Cretail have special competition. However, if the additional list could be used in other academies, there would probably be fewer candidates. And these competitions only offer 700 positions (500 in Cretail and 200 in Versailles). Even if they are all filled, the situation will remain catastrophic, especially in Versailles.

A programmed crisis

This crisis does not happen by chance. This is partly due to the reform of the competition which was postponed to M2, a competition that was held at M1. For MEEF masters, this pool has dried up and it is particularly visible in the first degree. This development should have been expected because it was perfectly predictable. She wasn’t. Regularly invited by the Court of Auditors and the National Education Budget Reporters to predict population decline, the ministry seems to be in favor of long-term management of the position. In fact, there will probably be fewer holders in 2022 than in 2021. But it will be very difficult to find about 2,000 additional contract workers for the first degree this summer.

Specifically, we are moving towards closing classes at the beginning of the school year in 3 academies, filling other classes. And there may still not be enough teachers to accommodate the students.

This dramatic situation is going on in the most popular academies. We want to guarantee that no classes will be cut in the priority educational institutions. If this happens, it means that the cabinet management has chosen to save for the most vulnerable children who need school the most.

The unions warned the minister about the seriousness of the situation. Snoop calls for FSU supplemental list and use for it Make the work interesting. That he filed ansa Social caution And offers to deal with the crisis. Snoody FO requests additional list usage.

But how can there be a link between this situation and the choice of government management? With pay issues and disrespect for the teaching profession (such as job dating shown again), the law relating to the transformation of the public service has chosen to promote contracting out as a normal method of hiring state officials. This is both a medium-term management choice (not creating a position that may become unnecessary if the population continues to decline) and a long-term one (replacement of contract workers with civilian employees) that explains the current recruitment crisis. And the children of the popular academy have to pay the price.

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