Space Application Services, a Belgian company fully committed to the “New Space” economy

Founded in 1987, Space Application Services today is involved in most of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) and NASA’s manned space flight programs.

“Initially, we focused on developing and managing human space systems and technology to keep astronauts healthy during their flight. Now our engineers are communicating daily from our control center (located at the company headquarters) A. Woluwe-Saint-Etienne – near the capital) with the International Space Station (ISS) and its crew of astronauts to conduct scientific and commercial activities. “Richard Aked explains, founder and managing director.

From design to service

Space Application Services manufactures equipment for use in space, such as high-speed video systems, cybersecurity systems, space weather systems, and the Astromobile Type (1) LUVMI-X Lunar Rover.

The company offers turnkey mission control centers for the planning, preparation and operation of spacecraft, as well as intelligent, off-the-shelf robotic mechanisms such as HOTDOCK (2) for docking and for easily assembling equipment in orbit.

Why space?
Everyone knows the benefits of satellites: for example, navigation systems and weather forecasts.

Space missions will be able to bring future drugs and substances to Earth when they may be microgravity, in addition to a radically improved understanding of the body’s behavior, especially its aging and bringing in. In about ten years, human outposts will be placed on the surface of the moon that will gradually become independent and will no longer need to be supported by supply vehicles from Earth. For example, space application services are also active in developing and testing systems for extraction and use of lunar resources.

“New Space”

Space Application Services has been able to find its place in the commercial space of “New Space” (especially thanks to its ICE Cubes service, CF. box on the right). The purpose of “new space” is to make it more profitable and simplified for those who want to enter space and to give them the opportunity to innovate. Space and microgravity can therefore be valuable tools providing scientific and commercial potential.

Space robotics for health benefits

The Space Application Services has chosen to be involved in the development of robotic manipulators and intelligent processes that can be used to repair spacecraft in orbit or assemble a base on the moon. These technologies can be directly useful for terrestrial applications. Similarly, the exercise devices for astronauts that the Belgian company has been working on for decades are equipped with intelligent control of applied energy, and provide astronauts with personalized exercises to protect themselves from the effects of microgravity. This technology can also be used to reduce the earth – for example – the time required to rehabilitate patients after a stroke or serious accident.

ESA and NASA As a dignified client

Space Application Services, always in search of talent, earns a significant portion of its revenue from reputable clients such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA. These same customers want high quality services as well as the development of the best technical and scientific solutions. Recognizing that these customers also want affordable technological solutions, this opens the door to widespread reuse of space technology for commercial space mission applications, for other customer attention, and for use on Earth. This is the whole point of “new space”.

(1) (2)

Space Application Service NV / SA

Leuvensesteenweg 325, 1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

(Brussels area)
+32 (0) 2 721 54 84

Space Applications North America Inc.

(US subsidiary of the Space Applications Service)


Research and Science:
Turn your experiment into space

In 2017, Space Application Services was the first company in Europe to launch a public-private partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA).

Known as “ICE Cubes” (, the concept includes everything from project feasibility assessment to its design, support at the scientific level, as well as a customer support service with field expertise. Space engineering. Support also includes flights to the International Space Station (ISS) and, finally, installation on the ICE CUBES commercial platform, including all operation support activities to run tests on the space station. ‘Space.

“ICE Cubes” is a service that is accessible to everyone:

Schools, universities, scientists, engineers and of course industry, whatever the field is considered.

For a low fixed price, the payload of test equipment assigned to our engineers can be delivered to the International Space Station (ISS). It can then be controlled by a laptop computer from the customer’s laboratory through the communication infrastructure provided by our Operations Control Center.

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