We all know Dennis Coates, the amazing filmmaker – without knowing him

Our film collaborator, Daniel Resin, invites you to follow him this summer to discover (or rediscover) talented filmmakers. We bet it will make you fall in love with the work of Luke Picard, Anais Barbeau-Lavalet, Dennis Cote, Alanis Obomsouin and Monia Chokri!

A summer like this14the Dennis Coat’s feature film will hit theaters in August Despite being very popular on film festival circuits around the world, the filmmaker is relatively unfamiliar to the general public in Quebec. In Berlin, where he is a regular, he has already competed four times in the official competition and seven times in the parallel division. His film Vic + Flow saw a bear Won the Alfred-Bauer Award (Silver Bear for Innovation) in 2013.

There are many reasons to fall in love with the work of a local director in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. Dennis Coates never repeats himself, always trying to surprise us as viewers with his unclassified work. His characters are outcasts of their own free will, often quite single creatures that arouse our curiosity. This former critic loves movies deeply, making fun of the genres by retrieving them while combining touches of dark humor. Moreover, he has the courage to play unusual roles to please actors and actresses.

Here are five films to discover the work of this talented and original artist.

Vic + Flow saw a bearBy Dennis Coates (2013)

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Featured: Pirate RobitileMy cabin is not slim!, Augustine’s Passion), Roman Bohringer (A mermaid in Paris, CompanionMark-Andre Grondin (Mafia Inc., Crazy) And much more

Under the watchful eye of Dennis Cote, actress Pieret Robitel was offered the role of Victoria, a former convict who spent several years behind bars and settled deep in the forest. Vic + Flow saw a bear It is a touching and touching work, which still hides a lot of black humor for the delicious dialogue written by the filmmaker. If the threat of a “bear” is obvious, it is impossible to predict what will happen to these two women in love, who are opposed by everything. Roman Bohringer breathes all his emotions into his Florence, and Mark-Andre Grondin portrays a straightforward and very preferred probation officer.

CurlingBy Dennis Coates (2010)

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Featured: Emanuel Bilodo (Series) Lifetime, Goddess of fireflies), Philomen Bilodeau (Series) Cerebrum And LifetimeRoc Lafortune (Aline, Boris without Beatrice) And much more

With its fifth feature, Dennis Cote offers his most accessible film. Jean-François Sauvageau, surprisingly played by an unknown Emmanuel Bilodeau, but his most obscure character, who does not let his 12-year-old daughter, Julvon, go to school and, in short, does not leave home. Following the story of this man it is not impossible to see today an expectation of the present epidemic that seeks to remove itself from the earth. Great winter work full of interesting scenes, Curling Dennis Coates has confirmed his talent for creating a coherent and mysterious universe.

Directory of missing citiesBy Dennis Coates (2019)

Where to see it? Maison4tiers Store, Crave (subscription required), ITunes Store

Featured: Robert Naylor (Maria Chapdeline, The sound of the engine), Diane Lovely (Police from Dad 2, Augustine’s Passion), Josée Deschênes (Series 5e Rank, Little Queen) And much more

Very freely adapting to Lawrence Olivier’s nickname novel, Dennis Cote surrounds himself with many characters for the first time. In the village of Irénée-les-Neiges, the dead return to meet the living, but we are far from the bloodthirsty zombies. The film is a reflection of the population of the regions and the fear of foreigners, in a population that seems to be tightly woven. Probably the most political work of Dennis Coates, Directory of missing cities Benefit from the fantastic presence, which gives a more powerful resonance to our real observation of rurality. We congratulate the director of photography, Franোয়াois Messier-Riolet, on the beauty of the 16mm photo, which added a lot of strangeness to the whole.

Social hygieneBy Dennis Coates (2021)

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Featured: Maxim Goudet (Confession, FireLorisa Korivao (A summer like this, Directory of missing cities), Eve Durensou (There are no fake jobs, He wants chaos) And much more

The name of the well Social hygiene It will probably become a reference when we think of movies about distance during epidemics. A few meters away in large fields, the heroes loudly announce the reflection of their lives. However, Denis Côté envisioned this very theatrical feature film long before March 2020. This outdoor comedy amazes with its long static shots, where the landscape develops under our amazed eyes. We fall in love with Maxim Goudett’s great acting mantra and those who gravitate around him, especially Larissa Currieview, the filmmaker’s new muse. Again, 13 with hime In the feature film, Dennis Coates rediscovers himself while remaining steadfast in his impressive artistic approach.

BestiaryBy Dennis Coates (2012)

Where to see it? Criteria Channel (subscription required), Vimeo

When Dennis Cote went on a park safari in Hemingford with his small film crew, there was no desire to shoot a traditional wildlife documentary. Pointing the camera at the captive animals, the director has fun staging them in a frame tighter than their enclosure, thus revealing their sensitivity and their true nature. Fiction is also very present in word work, where intelligent sound effects evoke a threat outside the frame. A truly cinematic UFO, Bestiary With a very small budget Dennis Kotte shows all the creativity he is capable of.

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