A teacher has been criticized for misrepresenting a child’s control

Everyone agrees that teaching is the greatest profession. Teaching is a beautiful profession, for which those who practice it need to have qualities like patience and passion. This gift of being able to amaze children and amaze yourself with education is not given to everyone. You also need a strong mind to spread the knowledge without getting tired of the routine rhythm of many years.

However, outside of the educational aspect, the teacher must ensure a respectable weather in the classroom and for all students. He must be fair, especially when famous notes are given during exams, homework and other questions. But, sometimes (even rarely), it happens that some teachers are not fair or kind to their students. And when such a problematic situation arises, parents are entitled to ask whether they did the right thing at the time to entrust their children to these teachers.

And it’s not this little student, the victim of his math teacher’s annoying attitude, that would tell us the opposite. The Sun says feeling humiliated by the note that his sarcastic teacher put him in his copy, he was heartbroken.

A teacher opened his student’s copy, his father saw Lal

This incredible story, which happened to a seven-year-old student, aroused the anger of all the parents of the students. An adventure that again creates a lively debate and brings some teachers back to the table with the question of whether this profession-passion is suitable for practice. Teachers to whom we dedicate hours and hours to our beloved little ones are amazed at their role as role models.

In fact, there are questions to ask, especially when you encounter such unexpected behavior from your child’s teacher. It all started the day Valley Valley (Pennsylvania, USA) second-year student Little Camden Piland was given a math test with 50 questions. But when he got his homework back, the little boy didn’t expect such a note from his teacher …

And for good reason, Alyssa Roop Bohneck, a second-year math teacher in Pennsylvania, did not keep a note for her student with all the neutrality she should have, she also commented on her student assignment, a rather damaging comment. A frustrated sheet. Who will even make him cry and set him on fire.

Dad condemned an “insult”

Seeing his young son cry, it would not take long for Kadim’s father, Christopher Piland, to respond. For him, it is clear, Kadim is a victim of injustice on the part of his teacher. So he will face the next one and ask him for an explanation without further delay …

An understandable reaction when we discover this famous note on duty that was rescued by a younger one and that started everything. In fact, the teacher wrote these evil words in big letters in red ink on the sheet “Very sorry”. Everyone makes a comment that the child can answer only 13 questions in 3 minutes. Plus, to sort out the whole thing, draw a sad emoji on it. We can say that the teacher was creative in this regard. Less interesting, on the other hand, is that he has undermined his student confidence. And the student’s father will take care to convince him that his negative criticism is not constructive at all; Quite the opposite.

Indeed, the attitude of the teacher is far from the educational behavior that a person deserves to expect from a person in the service of national education. But when Chris complained to the teacher, asking how that insulting remark could help her child improve, Alyssa simply replied: “I’m sorry you took it this way.”. Feeling that the teacher took things a little too lightly, Chris doesn’t get to hear that way.

“You don’t write it on anyone’s paper, just leave it on 7-year-old Sophomore’s paper.”Said Chris. Very upset, he continued: “I believe that what you wrote on his paper was extremely unprofessional and very rude. A For her, it’s simple, her son, very sorry for her teacher’s grade, just broke heart and felt humiliated. Chris then wanted to express himself on social networks, and so shared the plight of his son and his naughty teacher.

Two conflicting online petitions

Chris’s message has gone viral and many people have responded, a message of support that has really touched father and son. For the teacher, he was harshly criticized by internet users and the comments made against him were the most viral. In fact, a petition was even made calling for the resignation of the teacher with more than 20,000 signatures. However, another petition has been launched so that the teacher cannot lose his job. An extremely radical and extreme solution, this last application was able to collect about 1000 signatures.

Let’s just hope this teacher realizes that he didn’t treat his students the best. And in the future, he will avoid asking such negative comments about their copy. Of course, constructive criticism is welcome to help a child emerge and progress, but there is no need to use sarcastic and ironic tones, which will destroy the student’s confidence and self-esteem in the whole construction, more than anything else.

The positive side of this disaster is that it will force the teaching staff to think. As Chris explains, it has worked to at least remove the lines of pedagogy through better communication between teachers and their students: “Maybe it will be taken seriously now and it will be prevented from happening in the case of other teachers and other children. For his son Kadim, if Chris doesn’t really know what methods have been applied to handle this situation and find adequate solutions, at the moment he just decides to change his son’s class.

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