Aude: He threatens Trebes school principal, father, placed under judicial supervision, to be tried in October

On Thursday, June 23, during a reception for elementary school children in Iguille, Trebes, the parents of a student violently attacked the director of the institution. He was taken into police custody on Thursday, was referred this Friday, June 24, and was released with a ban on going to school and placed under judicial supervision. He will be tried in October for “threatening a public service mission” and “violence in a school.”

On Thursday, June 23, the director of a school in Iguille, Trebes, was arrested shortly after receiving a violent threat, where his child was educated, while the parents of a student were held in police custody at Trebes Gendarmerie. Police withdrew from custody this Friday, June 24 morning to appear in the Carcassonne Prosecutor’s Office.

If he is released from court, the man is under judicial control but is prohibited from going to school and coming in contact with his victim.

Death threat

A measure that the prosecutor of the Republic of Caracas, requested, remarked, emphasized the “importance of a firm and immediate response” as the man therefore under investigation, according to the evidence and conclusions collected, threatened the director with death, before leaving the premises. Put his hands on the person in charge of the organization, at the torso level.

The student’s parents, who are contesting the truth, have never been convicted of violence or intimidation. But it is “threats to the person in charge of a public service mission” and “violence in a school” for which he is now being tried and will be tried in October 2022.

Requested again this Friday, June 24, the services of the Rector returned to the information featured as follows: “A parent appeared in front of the school and arrested the director, then threatened him aggressively and terribly.

Teachers did not exercise their right of withdrawal

An event that organized the academic director of the National Education Service of Aude (DSDEN), an education adviser in the school district, as well as an assistant to the mobile security team who “immediately intervened in the school”.

And to specify that “teachers did not exercise their right of withdrawal but wanted to be able to remain calm for a moment”. This Friday, the day after the event, “students in attendance were welcomed”, while a “teacher reinforcement” was “sent to the scene from Thursday afternoon”.

Record all information of concern and report on the application for the purpose of transmission

The day after the event, the Rector further noted that “the director was with and supported the filing of the complaint.” A solidarity is strongly recalled: “Sophie Bezen (Rector of the Montpellier Academy and Occitan Academic Region) strongly condemns any acts of violence against or against any staff of national education in or around the school structure. It renews all her support and We will pay close attention to the educational team and the follow-up given to this incident. “

A reference to the criminal side, when the events are also the subject of administrative procedures, completes the national education: “This event follows the services and has become the subject of a report for it. As well as sent to the rector. “

The long-term consequences of this episode remain to be considered for the establishment of Trebean, its educational team and of course the hundreds of children educated in this school who, since the floods of October 2018, have left the Needle district to invest. Modular structure near Cosec.

If the Rector specifies that parents involved in “child schooling” have not been “questioned at this school to date”, it further states that “in some cases of aggression, related to a court decision, parents may be barred from entering a school or institution.” “

(Source: The Independent)

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