From “2001, A Space Odyssey” to “The Perfect Man”, the explosive fusion of man and machine in cinema

A look at Pierre Murat – Men and technology don’t necessarily go hand in hand, as Xavier Duringer’s film shows, where an artificial intelligence destroys. A theme explored by Kubrick in the 1960s and many more since then.

In the 1950s, in order to free their wives from domestic work, the good bourgeoisie hired a servant who sometimes married the son of the family. And it won the movie: Dad, mom, work girl and me (1954), Dad, Mom, my wife and I. (1955), directed by Jean-Paul Le Chanois. In 2022, in The perfect man, By Javier Duringer (in theaters since June 22), Nicole Corsell – former maid – gives way to Uman (Pierre-Franোয়াois Martin-Laval). A multi-function robot controlled by Florence (Valerie Corsenti) (including a highly skilled one, seemingly, titled “Love, Love”). Overwhelmed by the unfortunate woman: She works, her husband (Didier Bordon) is a Down screenwriter and their two children are unbearable, like any teenager and Pratin who respects each other. Nicknamed Bob (out of admiration for Robert De Niro), a young robot with a first-class body, cleans, cooks, repairs, chess and bowls, and dances to Moonwa alongside Michael Jackson (he changes his clothes on almost every plane, however , Like a star model in a fashion show).

Javier Duringer is a good director, as Jean-Paul Le Chanois was in the past. Their two films, apparently different, are similar to each other: the same Vaudeville adventure. Kindly the middle characters look the same warm. No strange in front of the heroes of the same panic, so foreign elements. Along with Jean-Paul Le Chanois, Nicole Corsell was a symbol of intelligence: she moved into a world that she feared and forced herself into. Same thing with Xavier Duringer: Bob the Robot, the pinnacle of modern technology, resists all the traps set against him by a jealous husband – even to the point of death. And of course to please all members of her new family, she will have an idea – like Nicole Corsell! – The words they were waiting to whisper to them: “I love you”কেউ None of the people resist the feeling.

Didier Borden and Pierre-Franোয়াois Martin-Laval in “The Perfect Man” by Javier Duringer (2022).


In the movie, Stanley Kubrick is at the root of the fight between people who know they are wrong and robots who believe they are not. Inside 2001, a space Odyssey (1968), the novelist Arthur C. Clark envisions a fierce battle with two astronauts (Care Dulea and Gary Lockwood) from the HAL 2000 computer spacecraft. Discoverivan. They think it’s flawed. He tries to neutralize them. They want to disconnect it. He puts it on their lips and goes on the attack… if the flesh-and-blood entity wins – isn’t it a peripheral victory? – Destroying Hal makes him definitely human in our eyes: he is stunned, he begs for a few minutes of his life, he is suffering like any mortal man from drowning in emptiness.

Attached fridge and inflatable wires

Do we know that sometimes, movies have influenced the evolution of our daily lives? Nike self-lacing Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) In Back to the future Contrary to all expectations, commercially exploited … announced that Flying Skate, another gadget of Back to the future : A rectangle equipped with thirty-six motors that allows you to move at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour for six and a half minutes … except that the teenagers who buy it must be rich children: the object will be worth a small amount of 19,000. Much cheaper: attached fridge. Unfortunately, we discovered him in a film by Benoit Forgard: “Eves” was taken care of by William Lebghill (high-calorie) to reduce collar use and allowed this failed rapper to win the song Eurovision.

By Benoit Forgeard (2019)

Doria Tillier and Alka Balbir in “Yves” by Benoit Forgeard (2019).

ECCE movie

To fight the sophisticated solitude sung by Aline Suchan – ofHomo eroticas Western, whatever it is – the movie makes a lot of use of the inflated doll. Luis Garcia Barlanga already had the old pessimistic version: In Full-scale (1974), it caused the loss of Michelle Piccoli who threw herself into the water. But the doll was floating and she wasn’t … Twenty-five years later, the observation was less frightening: of course, her presence sowed desolation in a couple in crisis, but Monique, always happy (This was the title of Valerie Guignabodet’s film, 2002) Albert Dupontel’s Graph allows the photographer to rediscover the taste of life. What did Theodore Tunbly (Joaquin Phoenix) achieve? His, By Spike Jonje (2013). More rubber, more caricature, more simulacrum. Artificial intelligence, over time, advances in electricity, it is the software that the protagonist fell in love with. A program with an enchanting voice (Scarlett Johansson)… with great emotion, and at least as much embarrassment, the director portrays the birth of an emotion. Like Kubrick, in 2001, A deceived friendship.

By Spike Jonje (2014)

Joaquin Phoenix in “Rate” by Spike Jonje (2014).

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Undoubtedly Marco Ferreri, in his time, was a prophet and has often been ignored and ridiculed. In his films, sometimes flawed, it is true, he has seen everything before: disgust towards the consumer society (Feast, 1973), a mockery of worldly humanism (White people are good, 1988), The Wonder of Men Before Femininity (“So, to achieve gender equality, do you have to cut it?” Gerard Depardieu shouted Last woman 1976)A In 1986, Inside I love you Excited at Cannes Film Festival –, He has a wonderful vision: a man wrapped in a woman (Christoph Lambert, a gentle smile and a super handsome man with a vague look) head over heels for a gadget, a key ring with a woman’s head that responds impulsively “I love you” That’s the flute. Very quickly, instead of welcoming his girlfriends, Michelle sticks the key ring on his television, forces him to speak, and masturbates at his word. “I love you, I love you, I love you”. Everything in her life is virtual, in fact, not just sex: as a job, she sells dreams (travel, etc.) to suckers. And if there is a child, in his apartment, it is celluloid. A few years ago, Ferreri so photographed a sensitive world in quiet despair. Where bakers (like Michelle’s friend, in the role of Eddie Mitchell) try to kill themselves by not getting a job. Where children, as intelligent as the protagonist’s little neighbor, only see the death of another“A rich experience”… Our world, or almost.

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