Génissac agricultural test area, a permanent resource (33)

Multi-partner schemes aimed at promoting agricultural installations, agricultural testing areas are spreading step by step in France. They are now close to sixty, supported by local authorities, cooperatives, associations or agricultural chambers, and have merged into the National Network of Agricultural Test Areas (Renata). Génissac, a small town in Libournais, embraced the idea, intending to revive local organic agricultural production, in a largely wine-producing area.

“The story began in 2015, when the town hall bought about six hectares of land already dedicated for vines from Sefar, with the desire to build an organic market garden for Janisakis.” For just a few months, Jenisak Mayor Emlyn Briso explained.

The project matures … and more than two years later, “The municipality has signed an agreement with the local association Ecosystem, a land to develop, manage and revitalize these six hectares, very quickly divided into five plots for shared gardens, educational gardens for schoolchildren, market gardening areas … and testing Area.so agriculture, Isabel Bouchan-Pussel, deputy mayor, continues.

In April 2020, a market gardener and a florist moved to the test site. The results of the three-way collaboration between the town hall, the ecosystem is a land for all, and the cooperative of solidarity entrepreneurs, the test area “These neo-farmers are allowed to benefit from the land, water and electricity provided by the town hall They are supported with the technical support provided by the ecosystem. Finally, a deal Support for business projects (CAP) provides the possibility to continue the benefits of their assistance, such as active solidarity income. In addition, Coactions provides its Ciret number to broods and provides them with administrative and legal assistance if needed. Ecosystem project coordinator Florence Arduin explained. In return, Brood, for a maximum of three years, took charge of land care and organic farming.

A lightweight and adaptive device

“The specialty of the Janisak test space is that it allows small equipment to be pooled on land where different activities coexist … and together enrichment, always with the goal of promoting sustainable agriculture”, Florence insists on Arduin.

“It makes the device specially adaptable when needed. 6, Comment Virginie Robin, Libournais (Cali) is responsible for the rural and regional development of the urban community. The community actually supports the project, thanks to participation in its steering committee and for subsidizing the ecosystem: an annual operating grant of 1,100 euros and another variable, depending on the number of accompanying broods – up to 7,300 euros for three broods.

The area is also relatively moderate – flower growers are installed at 3,500 m2, market gardeners at 5,000 m2. “But it is, precisely, one of its strengths: adapting to the financial means of a small municipality. Show that such a project is possible without the need to invest thousands of cents once the land is acquired. “ They both add up.

Inter-municipal dynamics

Emilyn Briso agreed, emphasizing how much The multi-stakeholder aspect of the project is essential for a small town like Janisak. ” Especially since you have to think about the next …

After examining its activity for more than two years, the floriculturist will soon settle in the suburbs of Bordeaux, while the market gardener is planning to stay in the city. “For communities involved in this type of project, it is important that hatchlings are not far away, if not in their area. But if everyone settles in places to test their activities, there will be no more testing places. And settlements nearby assume that land is available there. “ Comment Virgin Robin.

“L.“Callie’s investment in the project is therefore essential”, Florence insists on Arduin. It is conducting a project for two more test sites, temporary, in its territory, on communal or private land, with support during the test and a promise of a lease for installation. And she comes, adds Virgin Robin, “To commission a special design office to assess the quality of land in five lands in five municipalities of the urban community. A

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