Mini Rock N Sein, part of the Rock N Sein Festival Kids!

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A place dedicated to children at the center of the Rock N Sein Festival: Mini Rock N Sein, for most family time. For four days from August 25 to 28, 2022, children ages 6 to 12 benefit from a space with programming tailored to their age. As parents return to adolescence, children benefit from a variety of free workshops.

At the heart of the festival Rock in the Seine A A little City eAwaye Of The The crowd Welcome Them Children aged 6 to 12 years For A Entertainment Festival: It Sene Mini Rock. It’s possible to enjoy a rock concert with your kids, and it happens on the lawn of the Park de Saint-Cloud. Time Four Day, Them Children Profit A Area Funny And free creative Without registration but without registration.

Note the entrance to Rock N. Seine Free for children under 11 Accompanied by a paying adult.

This year’s festival Sene Mini Rock Starting from Thursday 25 August to Sunday 28 August According to the following time;

  • Thursday: 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Pay attention, since the number of places is limited to 100 people, it is important to register for free, now on the site Rock n Sein Festival.

Mini Rock N Sein 2015, Children's Rock Festival!Mini Rock N Sein 2015, Children's Rock Festival!Mini Rock N Sein 2015, Children's Rock Festival!

In this year’s program for children:

  • Children’s Philharmonic:

Partnership with Paris Philharmonic, Which organizes a “sound hunt” where children can have fun with the sounds around them every day. Electro studio, machine learning, rhythm machine, sequence for composing music or scratch station for recording and playing your voice. And finally, “Pitch Pong”, a reminder to parents of an arcade game, but revisited here, works with triple energy. Continuous Thursday to Sunday from 4pm to 7.30pm

  • Deadly Adele lives in a karaoke:

The heroine of the comic book stopped at Mini Rock. Crazy costumes, funny hat songs, temporary tattoos, scratch target tournaments … the program is deadly! Kids will be able to bring out their deepest voices and sing to the crazy sound of the show bizarre album! Continuous Thursday to Sunday from 4pm to 7.30pm

  • “1 question in 1 day” workshop:

Journalists from France Television led a writing workshop on the famous “1jour 1question” program. Kids must imagine a video of the famous series together that will be broadcast on the OKOO channel! Three things have been suggested: “What is a rock concert?», কি What is a music festival? », কি What is a club?” Ready to wear a journalist’s hat? 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm and 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm

Make-up, jewelry, tattoos, bosses, leather perfect, color spray and hair gel, with a team of professionals. With nailmatics, children decorate themselves in thousands of colors for safe, fun and water washable products. Aiming at Mini Rock: At the end of this intense preparation, the kids pose to create a “photo call” portrait to capture these colorful and carefree moments! Continuous Thursday through Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.

DJ practice discovery workshop, to bring out the souls of children’s friends! In partnership with Pioneer DJ. Continuous Thursday through Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.

On the dance floor, Mini Rock offers to move to the rhythm of great rock classics. Children will also be able to apply their talents as journalists Thanks to a “special guest” interview once a day, Dadapamini helped on an aperitif. Guest interviews from 7:30 pm, then boom from 9am to 10pm.

Misk installs and builds his mobile kitchen, on the occasion of Rock n Sein, his brigade of mini chefs. Tapas in the program, cocktails from all over the world, fruit juices, true awakening of the senses. 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm and 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm

Little Urban gives quiet time with a selection of children’s books. Continuous.

Giant wooden games, zip lines, bookies can be discovered on France’s scientific, creative and educational toy sites. Continuous.

Especially the color in the flower fresco made by the painter Leona Rose! Continuous.

With Cafézoïde’s animators, game and song sounds and radiophonic creation. 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm and 6pm to 6:45 pm.

The story of the evening under the marquee filled with long experience. 9pm to 9:30 pm.

Admission Requirements:

  • For regulatory reasons, Mini Rock N Sein is not recommended for children under 6 years of age.
  • Rock n Sein is free for 12-year-olds to come to the festival, while staying with an adult with a ticket.
  • Mandatory: Please bring a photocopy of the adult identification document who will drop and pick up the child.
  • Please note: No child will be accepted or Mini Rock N Sein will not be left if these conditions are not met.
  • When registering, it is essential to attach a recent photo of your child.
  • Upon your arrival, after checking the registration data, you will be offered to watch Mini Rock N Sein with your child. At the end of the inspection, adults will be asked to return to the general public area.
  • Adults will also not be allowed inside the Mini Rock N Scene during the concert.
  • At any time, you will be able to pick up and bring your child back.
  • You must specify your mobile number and leave it at Rock en Seine.

In terms of security, Know that the reception and care of children is done by qualified early childhood professionals. The Mini Rock N Sein site will have security guards and a first aid center.

Because at sortiraparis We like when kids have fun and so do we, in complete safety, we can only advise you to go to your place with your family!

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