Rovenpera under the command of Safari Kenya

Rovanpera took charge of safari control

Kale Rovanpera of Finland took advantage of the unfortunate chances of his teammate Sebastian Ogier to lead the safari rally in Kenya on Friday after a complex and scary.

The leader of the WRC World Rally Championship, Cale Rovanpera on the wheel of his Toyota GR Yaris Rally1, was just eleven after being punctured in a super-special hosted as a curtain razor on Thursday evening!

Finn, however, immediately found himself fighting for the stage during Friday’s sandy test on the shores of Lake Nyivasha in the heart of the Great Rift Valley.

Although rough roads and face-to-face crews have been tested and more than half of the Premier category field has encountered problems during the day, the Toyota GR Yaris Rally 1 has held up well.

Last year’s winner for Kenya’s return to the calendar, Sebastian Ogier stepped up with control before leading most of the six specials. The Frenchman took the lead again in the first time sector of the afternoon after a puncture to the Welsh driver, briefly surpassing his teammate Elfin Evans late in the morning.

Appearing in the top three, Cale Rovanpera won three specials before taking first place at the end of the day when Sébastien Ogier had to stop in the middle of the special to change a wheel in Kedong’s rehearsal which cost him 2 minutes.

Cale Rovanpera is delighted to enter the marathon stage on Saturday with an advantage 22 “4 Despite his role as opener this Friday.

Interim leader who acknowledged:

I think we did a good job. The goal was Be quick while avoiding problems. We are in a good position now, but Saturday’s promise will be very tough. I have really experienced this before. Last year we didn’t have such a soft and soft section, so it was a novelty. Of course, here it is always difficult. The second lap was still given a bit of a sweep, but with the exception of the last stage we still had fun. I think we were all relieved to be able to do the job today. A

Elfin Evans was his closest follower when he still struggled to figure out how hard he could attack or not. Welshman has calculated 2 »9 Among the Hyundai i20 N Rally1 drivers before Ott Tänak

Ott Tanak became defensive after his gear lever broke in the first special. Always quick to respond, the Estonian makes temporary repairs before finishing two top three using the extra wheel reinforcement of his car.

In the last special of the day, the Japanese Takamoto Katsuta from Toyota, dropped from second to fourth, lost time to pass Craig Brin, the best among M-Sport Ford Puma Rally 1 drivers, who were finally forced to retire after being damaged. Its right front suspension. The Japanese finally found the service park 1 »3 By Ott Tanak.

Second in the championship, Thierry Newville and his Hyundai i20 N Rally1 also had a try day. Seeing his car briefly lose power after swallowing a cloud of dust on the SS3, the Belgian also complained of traction and handling problems.

He was almost behind on Friday evening One minute On Leaders, but equal to a lead 1’10 ”7 On Sebastian Ogier

Twelve months ago, Sébastien Ogier made up for a similar delay in winning despite a shock absorber cripple on Friday. So anything is possible for the French citizen, who seemed discouraged at the Nivasha Service Park.

Ogier indicated:

I can’t really say we’re in the game. Of course, a lot can still happen, but it’s not the same when you’re so far away. I’m sure there will be more twists tomorrow, but it’s still disappointing. A

Seventh, Oliver Solberg, another Hyundai i20 N Rally1 driver, was ahead of WRC2 leader Kazetan Kazetanovich in the Skoda Fabia Rally2.

Craig Breen dubbed M-Sport Ford Puma, SS7 finished the day in ninth place despite a ten-minute penalty for not finishing when Sean Johnston and his Citroën C3 Rally2 finished in the top ten.

Remember (See link) Sebastian Loeb’s morning abandonment!

This Saturday, the roads north of Lake Elmanteita will be a stage of 150.88 kilometers of time. The longest day of the rally will start with Soysambu (29.32 km), which has been particularly extended since last year, before the well-known tracks of Elmenteita (15.06 km) in the Dolamere domain, then Sleeping Warrior (31.04 km). The shadow of the mountains like a reclining Masai warrior. The three tests will be repeated after an inspection of the help.

Claude Julian

Photo: WRC – Team

Safari Kenya’s provisional overall ranking

1 – Rovanpera-Halttunen (Tyota GR Yaris Rally1) in 1h20’58 ″ 1

2 – At Evans-Martin (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1) 22 ″ 4

3 – At Tanak-Jarveoja (Hyundai i20N Rally1) 25 ″ 3

4 – At Katsuta-Johnston (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1) 26 ″ 6

5 – at Neuville-Wydaeghe (Hyundai i20N Rally1) 57 ″ 5

6 – At Ogier-Veillas (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1) 2’08 ″ 2

7 – at Solberg-Edmondson (Hyundai i20N Rally1) 4’27 ″ 1

8 – at Kajetanowicz-Szczepaniak (Skoda Fabia WRC2) 9’51 ″ 1

9 – At Brin-Nagal (Ford Puma Rally 1) 10’24 ″ 6

10 – Johnston-Kihurani (Citroen C3 WRC2) 11’04 ″ 6

11 – At Serderis-Miclotte (Ford Puma Rally1) 11’23 ″ 6

12 – At Greensmith-Anderson (Ford Puma Rally 1) 14’38 ″ 2

13 – Tundo-Jessup (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X) 20’12 ″ 1

14 – At Prokop-Jurka (Ford Fiesta WRC2) 21’10 ″ 7

15 – At Gomes-Gomes (Ford Fiesta WRC2) 23’30 ″ 5

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