Top 11 most controversial paintings for which the audience was not ready

“Made to disturb the industry” Francis Lalan says, which he has always tried to do but for the wrong reasons. In the world of painting, this also happens in the case of several paintings that created a scandal in their time, which we invite you to see now.

NDRL, being honest is in my nature so I like to tell you right now, I have no curse on painting, but actually nothing, so I am going to present the facts to you without further ado and without ridicule. More to me

1. The Last Judgment – Michelangelo

When it was published in stores, Michelangelo’s work caused some confusion because the church did not like the extra presentation of nudity of all the characters in the fresco. And if the artist likes to imagine that everyone will be naked during the final judgment, it is not for the taste of the representatives of the Word of God, so after his death we hire a painter to decorate certain characters and draw Togas. A large part of the body.

2. Naked Scrub – Francisco Goa

Surprisingly, the problem with Morse during the period of this painting was obviously that the bed was not made. It looks like a neglected and untidy room. Oh yes, and apparently nudity was forbidden and this woman’s shameless direct gaze on the audience was also a problem. Have you noticed how many painters especially like to paint naked women? This insanity among women who get naked as soon as a painter arrives.

3. Ladies of Avignon – Pablo Picasso

Did you know that Pablo Picasso was a great bastard? Called there. Surprisingly, this painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” caused a lot of problems at the time because it represented extremely poorly painted naked prostitutes. Okay this is my completely thematic opinion but in real life the subject has gone wrong with the critics.

4. White square on a white background – Kasimir Malevich

Looking at this painting, would you tell yourself at first glance that it caused a huge controversy and its author was imprisoned? If you answer yes you are super strong in painting. Considered the first monochrome of contemporary painting, the painting created a huge stigma because it was considered the death knell of art. Not only was the painting censored, Malevich was imprisoned in Leningrad. People are crazy about what they want to do when they don’t like painting.

5. A funeral in Ornes – Gustav Corbett

In this painting by Gustav Corbett we see a fairly classic tomb scene. Why was that a problem? Because people back then were pretty stupid: the painting measured more than six meters by three and critics thought it was too big to represent a common man’s funeral. Such dimensions were reserved for drawing the Bible or drawing important people. We had to be annoyed to shout at things like that in those days.

6. Lunch on the grass – Edward Manet

Considered one of Emil Jola Manet’s best paintings, “Lunch on the Grass” didn’t just make people happy during the exhibition. The reasons are nudity on the one hand (we are starting to see a trend) but also the decor that critics consider flat. The scene seems too dramatic for the image of people picnicking if you will. Personally, I don’t really understand why one in four is naked and why it’s one of the women, but hey, apparently it’s a beautiful picture.

7. Sick Children – Edward Manch

Painted in memory of his ailing sister before he died of tuberculosis at the age of 15, Munch may not have hoped that the painting would create a stigma. If the theme of sick children already exists, this painting caused an uproar when it was presented in Oslo. This is because people see it as an unfinished, murky and blurry work. Munch defends himself by saying that “I could not draw what I saw but what I saw”. It’s class. Before the Nazis later removed his works from German museums, Munch’s paintings were labeled “degradation of art” and clearly annoying the Nazis was reason enough to create art.

8. Death of the Virgin – Caravaggio

This painting, representing the death of the Virgin Mary, created two major problems for the church: The first is the reality of the scene: the shot has no angel or biblical character, and you rarely see a hello around Mary’s head. Virgin. The second problem is that the model that Caravaggio used to portray Mary was a famous prostitute… who does not go well with the church, God loves but not in expensive form.

9. The Origin of the World – Gustave Corbet

At the moment it’s more naked, it’s obscene. But Gustav Corbett wanted to annoy, or get people to talk about him to get some buzz. Still, even Facebook today censors this painting, which means it’s still annoying.

10. Man Controller of the Universe – Diego Rivera

Instructed by the Rockefeller family to install at the Rockefeller Center, the River Mural quickly got into trouble before it was completed. It was to represent capitalism in opposition to communism, except that New York Telegram journalists accused the work of being anti-capitalist when they saw the work in its entirety. In response, Rivera painted Lenin’s head on the mural, annoying everyone else, and the original work of art was destroyed when he refused to remove it.

11. Source – Francis Picabia

This act, partly funded by public money to appear at the Salon d’Otomon, caused a scandal at the time. Considered a “barbaric act” by the Paris City Council, we also had a debate in the Paris Chamber of Deputies to discuss this new movement that seemed to upset everyone.

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