A solidarity dinner for Agent Orange victims in Paris

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Green MP Sandrin Rousseau (first from left) and Vietnam’s ambassador to France, Din Ton Thang (second from right), joined a dinner in Paris on June 24 in support of Tran To Enga’s trial.

More than 90 people sat down to eat on June 24 at Fayre du Vietname District of Paris. It is a solidarity dinner hosted by Trân Tô Nga’s support committee, which seeks to raise funds for its lawsuit against several American chemical companies. The meal especially attracted the participation of Vietnam’s Ambassador to France Dean Ton Thang, Deputy Sandrin Russo, staff of the Party Europe Ecology Les Verts (EELV), the Mayor of Choice-Le-Roy, Tonino Panetta and one. A large number of representatives of organizations supporting Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin.

Tom Nico, a member of the organizing committee, noted that this was the third fundraising event that took place in Paris to support the Enga case. “There are a lot of costs to follow this trial, translation, calls, travel, volunteer lawyers … so we wanted to organize these three meals to show that the campaign is going on and ‘we are behind Nga until the end of his fight to support him. ” Explained Tom Nico.

Trân Tô Nga, for her part, expressed her joy and emotion at seeing so many foreign French and Vietnamese friends present at the event. He said it’s a “Great honor and encouragement” For him in this long and difficult battle. “It shows the will and power of those who love justice. They support the trial of Tran To Nga for the victims of Agent Orange, not because of me. Their supportive actions are very significant and I am extremely grateful to everyone.” He shared.

For Ton Thang, Vietnam’s ambassador to France, he described Tran To Enga as a woman. “Courageous, determined and resilient“Agent Orange / Dioxin in his fight for justice for the victims and a”Common examples“For the Vietnamese community in France. He says:”Coming here today, we want to stand by him and hope that he will follow in his footsteps and become the nucleus of the Vietnamese community in France in the fight for justice. “

The solidarity party was also attended by French MP Sandrin Rousseau, an activist from the Europe Ecology-Les Vorts (EELV) party, who sought to reveal the truth about the consequences of Agent Orange / Dioxin on the French people and the environment. His support for the victims.

Participants at the Trân Tô Nga trial support dinner.

Praise for bravery a “The little woman that attacked the very big company”, MP Sandrin Rousseau did not hesitate to emphasize: “It’s like a clay pot against an iron pot. It’s not much heavier than the big companies, but for the time being it can hold. So if it stays behind, it will win its battle. We’ve taken public opinion. Has compromised a lot with a lot of health issues. So, obviously I’m here, and I’m very happy to be there. “

The fight continues

Trân Tô Nga, a French octogenarian of Vietnamese descent who is currently suffering from cancer, was infected with Agent Orange / Dioxin while working on the southern battlefield in 1966 while working as a journalist for the News Agency of Liberation.

For the past eight years, he has led and continues to lead the fight against chemical companies that produce and sell Agent Orange / Dioxin used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. These companies include Monsanto and Dow Chemical. The woman demanded justice for the victims.

The first session of the Court of Appeal was held in Paris in mid-June, May 10, 2021, to hear the appeal of Tran To Enga after the French court in Ivory dismissed his case at the first instance hearing. In the second quarter of 2023, a counter-argument will be held between the two parties before entering the disputed session in the Paris Court.

The fight for justice and the victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin is still a long one. “Your donation, its power! The trial of 14 American multinational companies that produced or distributed Agent Orange / Dioxin, which spread across Vietnam between 1961 and 1971, requires your financial support.” This is an application from the associations of members of the Trân Tô Nga Support Committee, including the Franco-Vietnamese Friendship Association (AAFV), the French Association for the Expertise of Agent Orange and Endocrine Disruptors (AFAPE), Rাবpublique For Information and Documentation on Contemporary Vietnam (CID Vietnam), Vietnam-Dioxin Collective, Agent Orange Alert Fund / Dioxin (FAAOD), Van Can Friendly Village, Orange Veneron, Orange Dihexin, GF Of dioxin (VNED).

Text and photo: Thu Ha NGUYEN / CVN

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