A station announcer adopts a missing child. Two months later, he found his ex-wife’s ring in the boy’s pocket

A station announcer decides to adopt a lost child abandoned by his mother. A few months later, he finds his ex-wife’s ring in the boy’s pocket, and what he later finds out is even more surprising.

Simon was a 28-year-old station announcer who had to go through a horrible divorce process with his ex-wife Sarah. He was not rich, and he and Sarah were married at the age of 22, separated only two years later.

While they were together, Simon worked as a cleaner at a local train station, but was promoted after management saw his potential. However, Sarah had bigger dreams and was dissatisfied with the amount of money Simon was bringing home.

Sarah always demanded more from Simon, even if she could not afford them. He had enough of this lifestyle and left Simon for a rich man.

Simon is heartbroken, especially since he has always dreamed of becoming a father. He did not have time to find love again as he was busy at work at the station.

One day, while Simon was at work, a 4 or 5 year old boy came to the information desk and said that he was lost. Concerned, Simon waited for the boy in the cabin with him, hoping his parents would return.

Simon sat with the boy for a few hours and talked to him. The boy introduced himself as Chris and said he was at the station with his mother. “Do you remember where you were supposed to go? Maybe I can find your mother from the ticket she bought,” Simon suggested.

The boy shook his head in frustration. “Nowhere,” he replied.

Simon thought it was weird and decided to wait a few more hours with the boy, who was already starting to feel comfortable with her. They bond immediately, and the boy chooses to talk only to Simon and someone else.

The lost boy only spoke to Simon. | Source: pixels

In the evening, when Simon’s work was coming to an end, the police arrived. They decided to take the boy to an orphanage until his mother was found.

But seeing the poor innocent boy terrified in the presence of strangers, Simon asks if he can be the boy’s guardian when the police are looking for his mother.

Fortunately, the police agreed and after signing some papers, Simon was allowed to be Chris’ adoptive father. That night they went home together and cooked a delicious dinner of homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

“It’s my favorite food!” The young boy said when they were going to eat and Simon couldn’t smile. Simon couldn’t help but smile. “So that’s what it’s like to be a parent“, He thought.

Simon cooked dinner for her and Chris. | Source: pixels

In just two months, Simon and Chris became connected to each other. The little boy saw Simon as his father and similarly, Simon loved Chris as his own son.

One day, the police went to Simon’s house and informed him that his mother had not been found. “You have the option of continuing the process of keeping him in an orphanage or taking him under your wing,” they explained to Simon.

This decision has been imposed on him as evidence. She appealed to her father Chris to adopt her, hoping to live forever. Chris couldn’t be happier, saying he wanted to be nowhere else. “Thank you, Dad,” he said, embracing Simon, which warmed Simon’s heart.

Simon decides to adopt Chris Source: pixels

A few months later, the adoption process is finalized. Simon was officially Chris’s father and the couple could not be happier.

One night, Simon went to Chris’s house to kiss him. Upon entering, the boy suddenly hid something in his back pocket. “Are you hiding there, young man?” Simon asked curiously.

“Nothing, Dad,” Chris replied. Uncertain, Simon slipped into the boy’s pocket and pulled out a gold ring. Then the startled eyes met.

“Where did you get it?” He asked his son. Simon was sure that the ring belonged to his ex-wife, as their initials were engraved on it.

Simon finds his ex-wife’s ring in Chris’s pocket. | Source: pixels

“My mother put this ring in my pocket at the train station. She said she would go to the store to buy some water, but she didn’t come back,” Chris revealed. “I didn’t tell anyone about the ring because they could snatch it from me. It’s the only thing I kept with my mom,” she cried.

Simon hugged Chris. “Don’t worry, my son. No one will take it from you. You don’t have to hide it from me,” he assured her.

That night, Simon could not sleep. “Could Chris be my biological son? ”He wondered.“ Could Sarah have been pregnant before we separated?

A lot of thoughts are swirling in Simon’s head. “How could he leave Chris like that? Why did he suddenly decide to leave her? Was it necessary to do something for his new partner? Why did she never tell me she was pregnant?

Simon decides to do a DNA test to determine if Chris is really his biological son. | Source: pixels

To alleviate his anxiety, he decided to do a DNA test. The results came a few weeks later and showed that Simon was actually Chris’ father. “Was Sarah pregnant when she left me?” He said in disbelief.

Simon tried to call Sarah to find answers to many of her questions, but her line was inaccessible. He realizes that Sarah has deliberately left Chris at the station, knowing he will be there.

The DNA test was further evidence for Simon that the strong connection he had felt since he first met the young man with Chris. He decides to break the news to Chris, who is equally thrilled to learn that Simon is his biological father.

Simon and Chris were thrilled to learn that they were biologically related. | Source: pixels

When they let the news sink, Simon suddenly smiled and said, “Do you understand that if you had shown me your mother’s ring first, I wouldn’t have needed to adopt you? You’re my son! He gave it to you? Ring so I can be with him.” I can recognize you. “

Chris shook his head, leaning on his father’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Dad, your instinct to search my pocket was right.”

“Glad I followed my heart and adopted you anyway. Without me, I would never have known you were my son, and we would never have seen each other again,” he said. Simon hugged his son and sighed.

“I’m glad you followed your heart, Dad. A father knows his son best!”

Simon was startled by the boy’s words. He was a smart boy and he was right. “A father knows his son best,” Simon repeats. He knew this phrase would stay with him forever.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Children should not suffer for the mistakes of their parents. Sarah decided to abandon her son irresponsibly, which made her feel stressed, uncomfortable, and hurt. Eventually, Simon tried his best to capture the young boy with love and attention.
  • True love must go beyond material things. Sarah left Simon because she could not give him the life she wanted. Love should not be based on material possessions. Rather, couples should work towards the life they want to live together and be partners with.

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