Angus McLean’s “Buzz Light Year”: In space, no one will hear your sigh …

The first frustration from Pixar in 5 years, Lightning strikes Good start, unable to make the studio before getting lost in the long action scene The story of the dollA

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Lightning strikesLight year In the original version – is 26M Pixar Studio’s feature film, and their first theatrical release In frontWhich was published just before the official outbreak of the epidemic: since it is Pixar’s most iconic “a spin-off of the franchise”, it is accompanied by some of the emotions we see facing a big screen to discover ourselves. The meta is “Introduction Card,” a toy bought by Andy, the film’s co-protagonist The story of the doll “And sadly, after an hour and forty-five, we left the room disappointed to see the obvious best (worst?) From Pixar. Car 3In 2017.

Buzzing light year poster… Because, as far as can be recognized, those moments are rare Lightning strikes Where we can recognize the style of the studio is so characteristic, this combination of “high ideas” and human depth that no one in animation, and especially Disney’s main body, has yet to surpass, even equalize. Lightning strikes In the end it’s a typical SF film where a “clever” scenario goes on – awkwardly, because the central narrative drive, which we won’t reveal, doesn’t resist the most basic argument – on Einstein’s relativity and the paradox proposed by various timelines, a super-classical If the argument ever had one. Worse, it halves through one of those American action films that has become fashionable since the turn of the century, chaining spectacular but unnecessary action scenes despite all the arguments. If in terrible Jurassic WorldThe dinosaurs followed each other endlessly to threaten the heroes that we knew were invincible, Pixar’s scriptwriters hit us here with an endless stream of robots that never posed a real threat to Buzz and his friends: and to be honest, we didn’t expect anything like that from Pixar. !

That tells the story Lightning strikes Still promising: Because he made a pilot error during a crash from an unfavorable planet, Ranger Buzz Lightyear condemned the entire population of the huge spacecraft for which he was responsible for staying on this famous planet forever. He will not stop trying to free himself, and find technical solutions to free the victims from prison which he condemned them to do. And then, about twenty minutes later, comes a great moment of emotion, completely “Pixaresk”, which can recall its unforgettable role. There (But also the drama of the hero Give this invisible dayIts comic strip Timothy the butcher), And that’s what makes us think, it’s won, Pixar still reigns supreme … before the movie is lost in this series of conventional action scenes, where the director Angus McLeanIn which it is the first feature film after his collaboration Andrew Stanton For Yellow edible marine findingEspecially not shining by its originality.

Then, of course, there is the technical quality of the animation, a permanent mark of the studio’s work and the “funny little animal” that will fall in love with the youngest robot cat SOX. Chris Evans (Although Pixar rarely uses a well-known voice actor for his characters, except The story of the dollPrecisely) his work perseveres, and references to it The story of the dollThe character of the toy and its universe is justified – especially the juggernaut – is perfectly managed.

Perhaps we’re claiming a lot more of Pixar again, but a series of unquestionable successes – even if they were sometimes a minor key, e.g. In front – From the studio, endlessly since then CoconutAllowing us to expect something other than an effective but fiercely common entertainment.

We now have to wait a year before the project is released BasicWho has promised to return to play on the court On the contrary And DrunkA

Eric Debarnot

Light year (lightning year)
Animated film from Pixar Studios
Directed by Angus McLean
Voices on VO: Chris Evans, KK Palmer, Peter Sohan, Taika Waititi
Type: science fiction, action
Duration: 1h40
Theater release date: June 22, 2022

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