Brigitte Bardot’s wedding: The groom’s identity will surprise you!

Brigitte Bardot is a famous French actress. She was not only an actress, she also had a huge musical career. Donating with unparalleled beauty, elegance and politeness, Bibi is the epitome of Fame Fetel. After starring in 45 films, he ended his acting career in 1973. In 1986, Brigitte Bardot laid a foundation in his name.

Its purpose is to fight for animal rights. But in addition to this picture, she was a symbol of women’s rights as well as the struggle for sexual freedom. Today, he is 87 years old and will soon be airing a biopic dedicated to France 2 on his career. Recently, Le Parisien also released information about this icon of the 60s.

June 18, 1959

When she was 25, Brigitte Bardot married for the second time. A few days later, the shooting of the film ‘Babete goes to war’. At that point, Brigitte Bardot and Jack decided to get married.

It was the town hall of Louvaines, in Evelyn they said “yes”. The couple traveled to the French Riviera to enjoy their honeymoon. In the June 27, 1959 edition, Paris Match spoke of the artist’s wedding.

“At midnight, the newlyweds wisely left the Louvain, or the young men shouted slogans under their Brigitte windows all evening! Bridget! 6, Sacha Distel’s song. “Could we read in a newspaper column?

This year, Brigitte Bardot, now married to Bernard D’Ormel, visited the town hall. He was also present on the premises at the time he said yes. This man was accompanied by his only son, Nicholas Chariar.

Here is some wonderful news!

Are they really married again? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. As a reminder, Daniel Thompson and his son, Christopher Thompson, launched the project to tell a part of Bibi’s life through a television series.

The six-episode series will air on Channel Two and each episode will be 52 minutes long. Former model actress Julia de Nunez will star. A young 20-year-old Parisian actress who is still very little known to the general public. Geraldine Pilhas and Hippolyte Girardot will play Brigitte Bardot’s parents.

The shooting of the series on the life of this internationally renowned artist started a few months ago. Within the framework of this television series, the city of Louvain opened its doors again to organize the wedding of Brigitte Bardot. It would be a fake marriage. The goal is to recreate the scenery of the place and also remember what Brigitte Bardot had in mind for the city of Louvain.

In an interview, a producer explained to Le Parisien that the city was very important in Bibi’s history. “That’s where his grandfather lived, whom he said he loved the most,” said Judith Rochelois. The producer emphasized that the marriage was a milestone in Brigitte Bardot’s career.

A journey through time

Jumping 63 years to recreate a marriage is not a previous conclusion! For the filming of the series, it was necessary to find a place as close as possible to the monuments of the 1950s. The production can’t rely on the star’s family home. Since it is unavailable, the search took some time.

Fortunately, photography was already there at that time! The person in charge of the decoration admitted that they had many pictures of that time. The team therefore “had a fairly clear idea of ​​what to do”. The series will hit our screens in 2023. Viewers are already eager to see the results of this work as well as the heels of the young actress starring as Brigitte Bardot!

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