Cognac: Integration space in search of resources

The association, which brings together parents of people with disabilities, has in fact judged all the problems in the world, especially for hiring speech therapists …

The association, which brings together parents of people with disabilities, examines in detail all the difficulties in the world, especially the recruitment of speech therapists. “Searchable”. “Two terms are open and difficult to fill”, Acknowledges Frederick Moreau, Director General of EIRC. Similar to certain paramedical professions, such as psychologists and psychomotor therapists. “So we find ourselves in tension. A

With no strong enough backs, we need to seek funding to run our projects.

However, the stakes are high for EIRC, which seeks to provide adequate support to the people it receives – about 250 users – especially in the case of multiple disabilities, which is more difficult to deal with. And more so since there are so many projects to manage the association, “To find answers to new needs”EinRC President Jeanine Sixty mentioned.

Communicate better

Regarding the Childhood Pole, EIRC seeks to develop its tools, which are still unused, such as the SESADA (Special Education and Home Care Services). “We have 13 places approved and only 4 places are occupied at the moment. A Similarly for the autism class, with 5 children in 7 places. “Our problem is that communication is difficult. We know how to do a lot, but we have to let people know. So there are plans to hire part-time IT and communications managers. A

Next to the adult pole, inclusion in a general environment is also a priority. But the main project of EIRC is to solve the problem of people with age-related disabilities. “After 60 years, they are no longer welcome in the EIRC. Jenin observes the six. And in the nursing home, a retiree from Esat will experience a significant age gap with the rest of the residents, who are over 90 years old. So we want to give them an answer and thus cover all ages of life. A

Esat includes 84 workers in many cases, such as market gardening.

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An ad hoc committee has been formed to make a diagnosis and make recommendations: “Such as building a reception unit, strengthening support through day activities or working in shared accommodation”Director list.

The problem is that, like many integration structures, the EIRC is limited by a strict budget. A multi-year contract of purpose and means signed with ARS and the department is not sufficient if the course offers. “ “Because we don’t have a strong backbone, we need to raise funds to run our projects over the next five years, including investing in existing services.” Reassures the director, who tells himself “A little worried” For the future, “Because we have to face new constraints with a constant budget.”. The aging of persons with disabilities is an example of this. “We can’t brush it aside, we have to find a solution. A

Two poles in one

The EIRC operates two main poles:
Youth Center. These include the Institute Medico-Educate (IME) des Vouzels, which welcomes children with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities as well as those with autism spectrum disorder. The IME itself includes the Institut medico-pédagogique (IMP) de Pracomtal, which accepts children between the ages of 6 and 14, and the Institut medico professionnel (IMPro) des Vauzelles, which accepts young people aged 14 to 20. The center also has a “Les Roseaux” multi-disability service that welcomes children between the ages of 6 and 20, including a multidisciplinary team. Finally, it runs the Autism Kindergarten Class (UEMA) in Cognac’s Saint-Exupéry Kindergarten and the special education and home care service (Sessad) “L’Azuré” created last year, with children and young people aged 3 to 20. Years old, a Sessad benefited from autism adaptation.
Adult pole. This includes the establishment and service of a work-based support (SAT) for 84 disabled workers (“Les Ateliers des Vouzels”); Two houses: the residence of La Trailles in St. Jack and the Fayenseri; A social life support service (SAVS “L’Espérance”) for more independent people; A day care service (“les myositis”) that can accommodate residents at home or outside; And finally a medico-social support service (Samsah) for adults with disabilities, Autism, has been created this year.

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